Pain is a normal part of life. For the majority, the sensation may only be mild and temporary. When it resolves on its own, it may not be that bothersome for you. But for others, it may be frequent and painful such that the condition becomes unbearable.

When you’ve decided to see a pain management dr, that may be an indication you’ve been going through pain for a long time now. If the pain is repetitive and it’s affecting your quality of life, then you definitely need to see an expert. Your pain management doctor is going to be the person who becomes your partner in managing your pain and improving your overall health. 

To achieve your intended benefits, it’s important to learn how to walk through your options. You need to wind up choosing the best for your needs. That begins with applying tips like these discussed below.

1. Choose A Doctor Belonging To A Multi-Disciplinary Clinic  

A multi-disciplinary clinic means the doctors in that same clinic don’t just belong to one field of specialization. There are doctors coming from different fields working in unity to help each other’s patients out. This is an advantage for you to achieve better pain management care. A multi-disciplinary team of doctors and therapists can give you breakthroughs in your care as a more holistic approach can be given.

For instance, many patients who go through severe pain also have underlying conditions like stress and anxiety. In a multi-disciplinary clinic, you won’t have to jump from one clinic to the next. You can have integrated therapy all in one place, thereby improving your comfort and increasing your chances of a better, full recovery.

2. Get Referrals

You can never go wrong with referrals. These are often your best source of honest information and feedback from patients who’ve gone through pain management before you. If you have friends, family members, or colleagues whom you know have recovered with the help of a good pain management doctor, give them a ring and ask for referrals. That way, you can have real feedback and conversation about pain management doctors they can recommend.

An advantage of asking is you can take their word for the referrals your connections are giving you. Because you know each other personally, you have the assurance that they’ll not vouch for a pain management doctor they’ve had a bad experience with.

3. Check To See The Licenses

You wouldn’t want to put your health in the care of an unlicensed pain management doctor. In this day and age, scammers persist even in the medical field. If you fall victim to those, you’re not just wasting your money. An even more pressing concern is the possibility you may be putting your health at an even greater risk. Instead of helping you heal from your pain, the doctor may be doing the opposite.

In this case, your best assurance is the presence of a license. No matter how affordable and appealing the rates of a certain pain management doctor is, if they don’t have a license to show you, don’t go for that. It should be a non-negotiable requirement for you to choose a professional and board-certified pain management specialist.

Along with checking the licenses, a bonus tip is also to go through the doctor’s credentials. Check to see what their training and certifications are. Hand in hand with the presence of proper licenses, you can be assured you’re in good hands.

4. Consider Your Specific Type Of Pain

Pain management doctors are already working on a specialized field of medicine as it is. But if you dig deeper, there are still sub-fields offered by different pain management specialists. If such is available in your local area, it’s to your advantage also to choose according to the specific type of pain you’re suffering from.

When you’re that specific, you’re drastically improving your chances of recovery. Most importantly, you’d be certain you’re getting the pain management care, therapy, or medical care plan suited for your needs.


With the tips above, you should now be feeling more confident about choosing the right pain management doctor. Because the field of pain management is becoming more in demand, it follows too that there are many more specialists working in this field. But like any professional, not all of them are equal. Even in your local area, there are pain management doctors who may be better than others, so it pays to learn how to narrow down your options. Be mindful of the tips above so you’re certain you’re in the care of no less than the best pain management doctor.