A 2018 study by Canada’s Nature Conservancy found that about 90% of Canadians felt happy and healthy outdoors. But three-quarters of the respondents said it was much easier to stay indoors, according to The Guardian. If you spend most of your time indoors, designing healthy and comfortable interiors is essential to your health, just like nutritious foods and workouts. This is because your surroundings have a significant impact on your emotions, mood, and physical health.

For example, if you live in a spacious house, complete with cozy furniture, some greenery, and stunning views of the great outdoors, you’ll more likely feel relaxed, healthy, and happy. In simple terms, your property’s design ideas can help you burn calories and maintain overall mental health. If you’re looking for ways to make your home relaxing, here are tips for designing cozy interiors with wellness in mind. 

Increase The Flow Of Natural Light

Natural light provides numerous health benefits, such as improved mood, alertness, productivity, and overall mental wellbeing. Moreover, the increased flow of sunlight increases positive energy within your spaces and makes you feel optimistic, self-confident, and relaxed. Therefore, keep your windows open throughout the day and fit airy draperies to let light in. Consider adding mirrors and shiny surfaces, especially in small rooms that have small-sized windows. T

hat way, natural light can bounce around the space, making your room look more brighter and spacious than they actually are. 

Embrace The Power Of Fragrance

Fragrance can trigger emotional responses and affect the brain in different ways. Some scents are calming, while others are stimulating. Certain smells bring back memories that can alter your mood based on a previous experience. To make your room cozy, bring in scents that enhance relaxation or boost energy depending on the mood you’re in. For instance, you can burn chamomile, peppermint, and lavender oil to create a soothing and relaxing environment. If you want to boost energy, eucalyptus and rosemary are ideal choices. 

Consider Lighting Scented Candles

There are plenty of reasons why you should light candles in your home. Aside from making rooms feel warm and inviting, candlelight has a mesmerizing effect that calms your nerves. Although all candlesticks can illuminate spaces and add a sense of comfort, it’s advisable to light woodwick candles. These candles are scented, and the wood wick produces crackling sounds that create a calming ambiance. The calming effects of long-lasting scents and crackling sounds lift your moods and even help you sleep better. 

Play With Colors

Your choice of color palette depends a lot on personal preferences and creativity. However, the shades you choose to incorporate into your décor will affect your mood significantly. Design experts recommend experimenting with different types of soothing paint colors and then choose a scheme that fits your unique taste and boosts your wellbeing. For example, painting your walls green brings calm and balance to your space while black adds drama, and blue reflects cool interiors. 

Designing cozy homes that boost physical and mental wellness isn’t a difficult task. All you need to do is incorporate the right design elements with health in mind. Start by increasing the flow of light, add relaxing colors, and burn scented candles and essential oils to make your home welcoming.