Mental health has plummeted over the last year in populations all over the world, and many people make matters worse by neglecting or failing to do some very simple things that go a long way to fortifying your psyche. With that in mind, below are 4 ways to stay mentally healthy now and in the future. 

Brain Games 

Your mind, like your body, needs exercise if you want to keep it healthy. Things like reading and listening to classical music are good options, but you should also incorporate brain games into your daily routine. Playing games like Scrabble during your free time–while riding public transportation, on your lunch break–instead of browsing social media, puts your mind through its paces in a good way. If you are new to Scrabble, keep in mind that there are tools like that help you uncover all of the possible words you can make using your tiles. 

Physical Exercise

The link between physical exercise and mental health is indisputable and it is one of the reasons that therapists and clinical psychologists often prescribe, along with other things, a daily exercise routine to help people combat depression and other neuroses.

In some cases, exercise can be as beneficial as antidepressants. Exercise also helps to boost cognitive function and improve feelings of self-esteem, which have an additional direct impact on feelings of mental well-being.

Seek Out Brain Foods 

Your diet has a direct impact on your mental health. Fruits, vegetables and foods that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon are all part of a balanced diet and contribute to good mental and brain health.

There are many foods that tout themselves as “brain foods” but the research behind these claims is often suspect or questionable, so do your due diligence before incorporating anything into your diet. There are, however, without a doubt, certain foods that promote mental well-being and those that reduce it. 

Avoid Certain Foods

Processed meats, fried foods, candy, pastries, cereals, high-fat dairy and sugary drinks are all known to make achieving good mental health more difficult. This is both because of the direct links between these foods on poor physical health and the resulting effects of poor physical health on mental health, but also because things like fat, salt and processed sugar alter your brain chemistry and can end up causing mood swings. It is well-established that sugar can have a marked impact on your emotions. 

It is also important to avoid things like excess alcohol consumption and to avoid overeating to ensure good mental health. 


Staying mentally healthy is more important than ever given the numerous stressors most people around the world have in their life. Keeping your brain hydrated, fed with good quality nutrition and sufficiently exercised and stimulated is necessary for good mental health and your general sense of well-being in the world. The above recommendations are easy to follow, are good for your organism in general, and will keep your mind ready to handle the many ups and downs of daily life.