People often only look at the negative effects of drug addiction as it pertains to the overall quality of a person’s life. However, drugs can affect you on even more of a smaller scale. Drug addiction can cause a lot of damage to various areas of a person’s health.

Some of these effects are short-term but others can stick with a person throughout their entire lives if they don’t fix the issue sooner than later. Keep reading to check out 5 consequences of drug abuse on your health.

1. Damages Internal Organs

Many drugs put a strain on how efficient your internal organs are working. Your body is a holistically functioning unit so if something is broke, it typically throws off other things. The long-term use of some hardcore drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, paired with alcohol has been shown to cause liver damage and metabolic alterations.

The consequences of drug abuse on organs can begin to escalate quickly if not attended to. It can lead to chronic illness or even death.

2. Fertility Issues and Impotence

Men and women may see some consequences of drug abuse affect them differently due to biological differences. Some women can experience prenatal and fertility issues, which would affect their bodies before and during (even after) pregnancy. Unfortunately, there are instances where the baby is negatively affected as well and can be born with complications.

For men, there can be problems that affect their reproductive organs, as well, and sexual performance. Drug misuse can lead to impotence and erectile dysfunction

3. Depression and Anxiety

Besides physical health issues, drug abusers may experience negative mental and psychological effects as well. The long-term consequences of drug abuse can include some falling into depression or going through depressive states frequently. There may also be issues with them developing anxiety.

Both of these mental conditions can affect the way an individual is able to function and deal with life on a daily basis.

4. Muscle and Bone Pain

An individual may begin to feel pain in their muscles and bones when they are abusing drugs. Research has shown links between the use of drugs, such as methamphetamine, and loss in bone density.

The consequences of drug abuse can also include a person becoming lazy and unmotivated. This causes a decrease in activity, which can also have poor effects on muscle and bone health.

5. Feeling Restless

Some people may consistently have feelings of being unsettled when they are abusing drugs. A sense of restlessness can begin to take over in a person’s overall life and demeanor.

Restlessness can be a symptom of misuse of substances such as opiates. Someone experiencing that should consider this treatment.

You Can Avoid The Consequences of Drug Abuse

There are many consequences of drug abuse that can begin to show in a person’s mental, physical and emotional health status. However, sometimes just knowledge of these negative effects aren’t enough to move them to recover.

But providing more information on ways to avoid these consequences can be the leading factor to change someone’s life. Check out this article on where to start when recovering from substance abuse for more guidance.