You’ve probably heard about the many magical ways you can boost your metabolism: swallow this pill, drink this juice, pay for this special program. The truth is, boosting your metabolism doesn’t require a miracle cure. Making a few simple changes in your daily habits will yield significant results.

If you want to kickstart your metabolism, try these five easy tricks.

Drink Coffee

If coffee is your reason for getting up in the morning, you’re in luck. The caffeine in coffee not only has the potential to improve your athletic performance and mental clarity, but it also creates a temporary fat-burning boost. Additionally, it’s a natural appetite suppressant. So, to boost your metabolism, you can make pour-over coffee at home, enjoy your morning java, and jumpstart your metabolism for the day. Owly Choice can help you pick the best coffee makers

Keep in mind that loading your coffee with cream and sugar will negate the metabolism-boosting effects. If you aren’t a coffee lover, green tea is an effective alternative

Focus on Micro Movements

One way to boost your metabolism is to increase your TDEE— Total Daily Energy Expenditure. You don’t have to add a new, intense workout routine to boost the number of calories your body uses just to survive each day. Instead, add more micro-movements to your daily routine. 

Micro movements are small, non-exercise tasks that increase your energy expenditure—for example, trying to increase your step count throughout the day. Simple things— like taking the stairs instead of the elevator— boost your metabolism. Get creative: park further away from your destination, set a timer to walk around the office, and make it your mission to move more.

Lift Weights

There’s a common myth that you need to do hours of cardio to burn fat. People envision themselves bulking up the moment they touch a barbell. The truth is, lifting heavy weights is very effective in improving your metabolism and burning more calories over time.

In essence, it takes more energy to sustain muscle than fat. That means the more muscle you have, the higher your TDEE will be. Does this mean you should stop training for a marathon and start powerlifting? Of course not! However, it’s worth adding resistance training to your fitness regimen or trying HIIT workouts.

Drink More Water

Water plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. Adequate hydration is a must for athletic performance and achieving fitness goals. Drinking a glass of water will also trigger your digestive system and help process the food you eat more effectively.

Water has no caloric content, yet takes up room in your digestive tract to improve feelings of satiety. Drinking water has also been proven to temporarily boost your metabolism while burning more calories than you ingest when you enjoy a nice cold glass. 

Get Some Rest

Finally, the easiest way to boost your metabolism is to get some sleep. Sleep deprivation leads to increased levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, which negatively impacts your metabolism. Your body needs rest for cellular regeneration, hormonal regulation, and to give you the energy you need to fuel your next workout. When in doubt, take a nap.

With these five simple tips, you can effectively boost your metabolism without falling victim to any miracle cures or quick fixes.