You always want to eat healthily, but pregnant women need to do so even more than usual. As any doctor will tell you, during this time in your life, you’re eating for two. Whatever nutrition you put in your body, the fetus gets as well.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best foods and nutritional supplements you can ingest while pregnant. They’re all quite easy to find, and you can stock your home with them as you get closer to the due date.

DHA-Infused Prenatal Vitamins

Many doctors recommend prenatal vitamins. One of the ones they mention most are prenatal vitamins with DHA. It is an Omega-3 fatty acid that makes up the human retina, skin, cerebral cortex, and brain.

The ones you’ll want to locate and take should have both DHA and fatty acids. You’ll want one with vegetarian-derived DHA. Many vitamin manufacturers make them with algae and chia seeds.

This will support both your vision and heart during pregnancy. It will also help the baby’s eye and brain development.

Iron-Infused Prenatal Vitamins

Aside from DHA, pregnant women also need lots of iron. It helps prevent anemia, and medical professionals say that it delivers the baby oxygen via your red blood cells. Most gummies do not contain iron, so keep that in mind if you’re perusing any of the ones on the market.

You should also look for one that contains calcium, which helps with your bone health. If you can find one that has about 1,000 mg, that would be ideal. Even if you’re eating a calcium-rich diet, many doctors tell their pregnant patients to take a daily supplement as well.

Eggs and Milk

Pregnant women will want to eat a protein-rich diet. You can drink a glass of milk each morning with breakfast. If you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, you can stay away from cow’s milk.

There are many other milk varieties out there now, like soy or almond milk. They still pack a lot of protein.

You can eat eggs as well. The fantastic thing about them is that they are so versatile. You can look online for recipes if you’re tired of scrambled, fried, or over-easy.

You might make deviled eggs or a frittata. You might go for some chicken or potato salad. There are also all kinds of casseroles that feature eggs alongside other yummy ingredients.


Fish is one of the healthiest things an expectant mother can eat. Salmon, in particular, will give you a dose of the Omega-3 fatty acids your body craves.

You can slather the salmon in pesto or serve it teriyaki-grilled style if you have a grill in the backyard or out on the patio. You could also eat it smoked on your favorite bagel. It makes a hearty lunch or dinner.

Mercury is the one thing a doctor might warn you about if you’re eating a lot of fish during pregnancy. There are some fish that generally have more mercury in them than others, so know which ones are on the list, and stay away from them.

Avoid shark or swordfish, and marlin and king mackerel as well. If you’re around the Gulf of Mexico, stay away from tilefish.

Leafy Greens

You should be sure that you get plenty of leafy greens, like spinach and kale. Broccoli is also a great choice if you want a side dish.

You want to eat the leafy, green vegetables in particular because they have potassium, fiber, and vitamin K. Most of them have folate, iron, calcium, and vitamin A as well.

They are also extremely versatile. You can have some broccoli with cheese sauce as a side dish with dinner. You might serve up some kale in a smoothie, or it goes well with fish or poultry.

A kale and eggs Florentine recipe is one of the best ones you can make for dinner since you’re getting multiple ingredients in one dish that will help both you and the baby.

You can also eat some lean meat if you’re not a vegan or vegetarian. Just be sure not to eat too much red meat. Go with chicken, turkey, or some lean pork tenderloin.

Whole grains are one more food item doctors often mention. They have plant compounds and vitamins, and also fiber. You want to stay regular during the pregnancy if you can.

Find the right diet and nutritional supplement combination, and hopefully, you’ll have a healthy new family addition in nine months.