Getting and staying fit does an infinite amount of good to your body and mind and can benefit you in almost everything you do. If you already have a fitness routine or want to take yours and step it up to the next level, then here are five hacks you can use.

Start with Your Workout Fuel

There are so many different opinions on nutrition when it comes to exercise, which vary from not eating before a workout to what you should eat or drink during and after, but no matter what school of thought you might fall into, you’ll need energy to perform at your best. You can get this energy from many different sources, like a low GI breakfast or snack or from a healthy energy drink. If you’re careful about what you consume, you can find a natural one here that can provide you with a good sustained energy boost for your fitness routine.

Listen to Something

Don’t head into the gym without something to listen to. It’ll keep your hands free for the workout and keep you entertained through the times where you might not be as motivated. What you listen to is completely up to you. Some people might find themselves motivated by a particular type of music and work harder and faster if the beats are fast, while others might like to get lost in the story of a podcast or audiobook. A good quality pair of wireless headphones paired with a wearable like a watch that can playback your audio of choice will add that extra level of motivation or entertainment to your workout time and help keep you going.

Get a Workout Partner

This might not be something for everyone, but many people find that working out with a partner or friend can motivate them to work harder. It also provides some accountability, not only in getting to the gym on the days where you otherwise might feel inclined to skip it, but also to stop you from putting in low effort while you’re there. You and your partner can provide a support and motivation structure for each other. Apart from providing motivation, you can check each other’s form and technique and share workouts, tips, and diet advice with each other.

Don’t Just Rely on the Gym

The gym offers many benefits, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you rely on for your fitness routine. You can add small things throughout the day to supplement your full workouts, like brisk walks or even some desk-based exercises. Adding these small workouts throughout the day will supplement your gym routine nicely.

Time of Day Matters

Most experts recommend that you get your workout done early in the day before work or at the very least before you do anything else significant. This is because as the day goes on, you’ll get more tired and risk other things happening that might distract you from your goals and cause you to miss the gym or not put as much into it. There is also some evidence that working out in the morning can kickstart your metabolism and fat burn, so it might be beneficial physiologically too.

More important than anything when it comes to fitness and keeping fit and strong is to just do it. Create a routine for yourself in the form of a fitness schedule and stick to it, no matter what time of day you decide to work out or hit the gym. Getting started and taking that first step of the day will always be the most difficult. Good luck on your fitness journey!