Collagen protein is a hard, insoluble, and fibrous protein present in the human body. It’s commonly found in muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, and the digestive system.

So, what if collagen production gets slowed down in our body? Then we will see indications of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin and joint pain due to the lack of the collagen protein. But what can be the alternatives to consuming collagen to bypass these symptoms?

Everything today, from skin creams to cosmetics and powder to pills are an extra serving of protein found in our daily life. This improves our skin to glow with full elasticity and replace dead skin cells.

If we talk about proper eating habits – an imbalance in your diet with high amount of sugar, smoking and extra UV sun exposure all deplete collagen levels in our body. To overcome collagen deficiency naturally, one should follow a balanced diet with plenty of vital protein and take collagen supplements from companies like Gelpro. In our search for the absolute best, we have tried a number of brands and ended up % convinced about the effectiveness of their end to end quality and results.

#1. Reduce joint pain

Everyone should be attempting to include some fitness in their daily routine and for that, every individual should exercise to feel healthy. 

However, as we get aged, we feel joint pain- like extra stiff legs that cause pain when you move. This is because of the loss of collagen from tendons and ligaments and we see the main symptoms as swollen joints.

Why we need collagen protein? This permits our bones to glide and move without pain.

#2. Burn body fat

Collagen is the main component for our muscle tissue, this should be consumed before and after exercise to help restore protein content of the muscle. Research on collagen shows that it increases body mass and reduces bad fat from the body.

Collagen is derived from 20 percent glycine, 8 percent arginine and other amino acids which synthesize creatine in our body. Athletic persons get more benefit from collagen protein because they boost their body muscles while exercising.

#3. Strengthen Skin, Nail & Hair

Collagen has great benefits for our skin, nails, and hair. What if your collagen level gets imbalanced or production declines in our body? This cause fine lines on nails, loose hairs and dull skin with a sagging appearance.  

Collagen has the beneficial properties of promoting glowing and vibrant skin with a more youthful appearance. Start consuming collagen supplements which diminish cellulite and stretch marks. It has been shown that collagen intake has no side effects, but this is one of the best natural skin, nail and hair care ingredients.

#4. Boost Metabolism & Digestive Health

Collagen is present in the bloodstream of the gut connective tissues which build and strengthen the protective lining of your digestive tract. Sometimes our inner lining of the gut wall gets inflamed due to an insufficient amount of collagen.

Boosting collagen amount is directly proportional to an increase in body metabolism. The best alternative to consuming collagen is vitamin C which assures your body will convert collagen into usable protein. Nitrogen and carbon are a great source, but amino acids provides fuel to our cells.

#5. Recover Injuries to Ligaments

When your tissues are strained by physical activity, collagen is the only way to reconstruct your connective tissues as it is said that ligaments are made of 75 percent of collagen. When you do regular exercise, your muscles start building connective tissues which expand muscles very slowly. Recent studies assert that collagen is an effective treatment for recovering injuries to ligaments.