The new year is well underway and the kids are staring to get a little restless being trapped indoors. There are tons of traditional activities for the kids to burn off some of that pent up energy, but what if your kids are looking for something different? Here are our top 5 off the wall ideas for fitness fun this spring.

Wall-Climbing: We often joke that the kids make us climb the walls… It’s only fair for them to get a chance to climb the walls too! A course that teaches the basics is just the ticket! At Rock Jungle Fitness, they offer programs for 5-17 year olds in their Cubs, Jaguars and Tigers classes. The cubs program designed for 5-8 year olds builds fundamental climbing skills through fun games and activities. Jaguars is their introductory program and runs once a week for 9-18 year olds focusing on the basics of climbing. Tigers is their developmental program and runs twice a week. Athletes in the Tigers program will refine the skills learned in the Jaguars program and start to learn and practice athletic training principles.

City Recreation Programs: The City of Edmonton offers a wide variety of programs for children aged 0-12 yrs. All Children’s programs are trendy, theme-related and safe, but what matters most from your kid’s point of view – they are tons of fun! Even better, all the fun takes place at their amazing sports centres, which offer a variety of exciting amenities for your child/children to enjoy and be entertained. Whether your child loves to move and be active, enjoys being more creative, or prefers a mix of both, the City has something that fits your child’s interests.

Junior Roller Derby:  You don’t have to be a skater to join the Greater Edmonton Junior Roller Derby league! Beginners are invited to check out the co-ed league with light and full contact teams…but everyone starts no contact! Their mission is to empower youth and build their confidence so they can embrace their individualism in a fun, safe and respectful environment. Skaters need a mouth guard, helmet, good knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and or course, roller skates!

Parkour: My son heads to the park in the summer and immediately goes to work climbing things, jumping over obstacles and doing things that make me hold my breath a bit when I see the moves he attempts. What if you could get your kid doing some safe but cool parkour moves instead of sitting around passively watching YouTube videos about it? FlyFree Movement operates out of three locations in the Capital region offering classes based on age (8-10, 11-15 and 16+) to ensure that students are safely challenged to try new things! The only gear required is a good pair of indoor shoes and appropriate workout

Surfing: YEG may be a long way from the beach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the benefits of riding the waves! Check out the Tsunami Club on the Flow Rider indoor surf machine at the World Waterpark in West Edmonton Mall, with drop in hours on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Riders under 18 need parental permission and have to be 107 cm tall to bodyboard, and 122 cm to flowride. Prefer to stay dry while you get a board workout? Why not give the kid friendly classes at The Surf Studio a try? Kids of all ages are welcome to participate with their parents in the specially designated “kid-friendly” classes as they work on balance, core strength and building lean muscle mass. Come in comfortable workout wear, and be ready to feel muscles you didn’t know you had.