Waking up in the morning to get breakfast and do some exercise is a very elementary routine. Opposite to this fundamental, people nowadays neglect to do it. People hurry to go to their work every morning and tend to sleep late at night. Hence, no time could be allotted for having a decent breakfast and enough exercise. This could affect one’s overall health in the long term. Having basic fitness routines and having a balanced diet is equally important to your health. A fit and healthy body helps you avoid diseases. Thus, doing regular home exercises would be beneficial. If you want to have a space for fitness at home, here are the important pieces of gym equipment that you should have.

1. Go for a Treadmill

They say walking is the basic exercise. If you have a big space, you can opt to do walking at home on your own, increasing or decreasing pace through the treadmill. Yes, this requires a big space not only for free movement but also to avoid accidents and deaths such as Peloton treadmills linked to child deaths.

Treadmills can also be beneficial for people recovering from injuries since walking exercises can help rebuild stamina and strength. Most older people also prefer treadmills because it provides low-impact movement. For more athletic people, the speed of the treadmill can be adjusted so that they can run at faster speeds. The treadmill is great exercise equipment and can be adjusted to match everyone’s needs.

2. Invest in Exercise Bike

Aside from a treadmill, an exercise bike is one of the options that first comes to mind when thinking of home workout equipment. Considering the current situation of the worldwide pandemic limited people’s access to outdoor recreations and sporting activities. Hence, indoor cycling is convenient for people who do not want to be exposed outside. There are also numerous health benefits of indoor cycling other than achieving body fitness goals. Exercise bike workouts at home not only burn calories and improve muscle and cardiovascular endurance but also reduce stress and the risk of diseases. New technology also helped the development of new exercise bike models that have added features such as diet apps, calorie-monitoring, time recorders, and even games to play while exercising. These new features have added more fun to exercise, and this is why more people are lining up to get a new exercise bike for their homes.

Image Source: Pixabay

3. Start With a Few Barbells or Dumbbells 

Free weights include barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells, which are all used in various routine exercises and weight training. These weights are excellent for beginners because they can be easily used for training major muscle groups such as the arms, shoulders, chest, and back muscles. They can also be used to supplement lower body exercises such as squats and lunges by adding more weight during workouts. They are also a popular choice for all levels since most barbells can be adjusted by adding or removing plates to increase or decrease the weight of the barbell. Storage is also not an issue for these because they can easily fit in a box or any compact container. Compact and easy to use, dumbells are a common sight in any fitness enthusiast’s household.

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4. Pick an Adjustable Bench

An adjustable bench is one of the most important pieces of gym equipment for anyone who wants a home gym. It has a sturdy base to perform various movements and exercises. It also ensures safety when lifting weights by supporting and maintaining the back’s correct posture. This equipment is also versatile since it can be used in different angles (e.g., flat, incline, decline). Adjustable benches are great for shoulder and back workouts to enhance upper body strength. It can also be used with barbells to optimize strength-training activities. Another common use of adjustable benches is for bench press workouts for chest development. This equipment also supports high-intensity bodyweight exercises, which leads to burning more fats. Adjustable benches are also more compact and easier to store compared with traditional benches.

5. Get Good Quality Pull-up Bars

Pull-up bars are a good investment for people who want to take up calisthenics. Calisthenics is a form of exercise that doesn’t rely much on workout equipment and uses the body’s natural movement to train the muscles. Pull-ups are considered a calisthenics exercise because this relies on the pulling movement of the arms while using the weight of the body as resistance. This can be done on any rigid structure that is strong enough to hold one’s body weight. For training at home, a pull-up bar is a piece of necessary equipment because this can be attached to any surface and can be easily placed in different locations. Most people would attach it to doorways or in hallways where there is plenty of space to work around.

Starting your home gym requires efficient and careful choices of exercise equipment. Keep in mind the quality and safety of products to avoid the inconvenience of having possible accidents lawsuits due to failure of subpar gym equipment. List down your needs and goals so that all the equipment you’ll choose can match your fitness objectives while ensuring your safety.