Tattoos, like a person’s aesthetics, are the language of the human body. Just like actions speak louder than words, tattoos shriek with pride and confidence. It’s a beautiful picture to draw. If you woke up one fine day and thought about getting inked, that’s a reason enough. But it’s always better to talk about it, read here and there and understand what tattoos mean.

If you want to get a tattoo because they’re “cool,” that’s a legit reason to go for it. But don’t just walk into a tattoo parlor and get an Evil Kermit painted on your forehead—talk to experts. When it comes to the best tattoo parlor in Atlanta, think no more than Mystic Owl Tattoo, the inker’s haven. The artists at Mystic Owl will recommend what suits you and what doesn’t; suggest what’s on a plate and what might be a better pick. Do give them a visit or call them up before getting inked.

Moving on, we’re going to discuss five reasons why you should get inked. Read away and decide on your tattoo design—you’re going to get inked!

1.    YOLO

If this isn’t a reason enough for you to get a tattoo, then what is? Most of the tattoo parlors in the USA confess that once a customer receives inked, s/he comes back for two reasons:

  • Either s/he wants to get inked again
  • or s/he is seeking a laser tattoo removal

Either way, when it comes to you and driving force to get a tattoo is the YOLO spirit, go for it. You were brought into this world for a reason. You’re here to get things done—you might turn out to be the starting point of a revolution that this universe longs for. You only get one chance at life, the question is, why not make the most of it? Take the YOLO spirit and get inked!

2.    The Subtle Art of Self-Expression

Tattoos are nothing less than a well-written anecdote that can’t be put into words. Sometimes, you can’t describe who you are by just talking to the other person. Life happens, and many incidences of life demand more than only a faint memory. That’s where tattoos come into the picture, making self-expression minimal yet profound at the same time. If a story can’t be defined in words, maybe your skin can turn out to be the best orator.

3.    Reminiscing the Good Times

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, 15 years from now. You’re just doing your, well, stuff, and all of a sudden you glance at your tattoo. One look is all it takes to bring a wave of all those memories gushing into your head and heart through the veins. Your heart skips a beat, all the good times playing right in front of your eyes and they’re running in your blood once again. Tattoos are a catalyst to time-travel, well at least in a person’s memory. If you want to look back and wonder how did you get here, get inked!

4.    For Love

Is there a better reason to get inked than that one name, place, animal or thing that you loved the most? You should get inked for the sake of love. Wondering what level of affection are we talking about? We are talking about your favorite:

  • Person
  • Pet
  • Sports Team
  • Plant
  • Celebrity
  • Or anyone

Getting inked with a name or a bittersweet memory of your loved ones will remind you of all the good times you went through with them by your side. Also, it’s one helluva way to show that you care (but not when you’re on date #3).

5.    Ink is Beautiful

There’s no hiding the fact that tattoos are beautiful. It’s something about ink that completes what’s on your skin and compliments to your soul. If you’ve always felt that your body could use a little added color and it doesn’t stop at tanning, explore the ink a little bit. There’s no hiding the fact that you’ve always admired tattoos and that’s why you’ve thought about it. Remember this: Your symbol is a crucial addition to your mind, body, and soul; no one can take them away from you. Take pride in that when you get inked.

Tattoos are not just a fashion statement; they’re a way of life. If you are considering getting inked, don’t overthink—think about what is it that you want to put on your body. Close your eyes and think about it and remember that you’re doing this for yourself. It’s your tattoo, and it has to be meaningful to you; nobody else. Now give Mystic Owl Tattoo a call and get inked!