Giving birth is a life-changing experience for a woman. Right from day one of conception, your body witnesses a series of changes. The evolution continues, through the nine months of pregnancy to the delivery and the postpartum period as well. As your body bears the pressure of carrying and delivering a baby, it becomes weaker. Physical therapy is a natural and safe measure to restore your strength and get your body to its original state. There is much more than a physical therapist can help you with. Here are some good reasons why new moms should absolutely see a physical therapist:

Prevent lower back pain and spinal problems

Your lower back and spine are the areas that experience the biggest impact of pregnancy. Spinal problems and lower back pain emerge as the most common issues for would-be moms. For a majority of women, the condition worsens as the pregnancy progresses and becomes even more serious after childbirth. Rather than waiting for the problem to aggravate enough to affect your mobility and quality of life, you should see a therapist to treat it.

Restore sexual function 

Another reason why every new mother should consult a physical therapist is that they can help you restore your sexual function. After all the pressure that the pelvic area has to bear during the pregnancy and childbirth, you may come across certain problems. A physical therapist is the best person to guide you about the right exercises to restore their elasticity and prevent problems like sexual dysfunction and anxiety.

Get yourself back into shape

The biggest concern for new moms is getting back into shape because your abdomen tends to loosen up due to the rigors of pregnancy. Physical therapy can get you on track of shaping up to pre-pregnancy state through proper exercise and lifestyle changes. Cami Hatch from Therapydia explains that physical therapy is not just about therapy and exercise but is so much about what people put into their bodies. This is exactly the guidance that a new mommy needs and only a therapist can give you the right vision and approach.

Prevent incontinence 

Urinary incontinence is another problem that a significant proportion of new moms have to face. The condition happens because you may have lost control over your pelvic organs temporarily. It can cause a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment, which is the reason that you would want to resolve it the earliest. A physical therapist can recommend the right workout to get your pelvic muscles and organs back to normal.

Boost your energy levels

New mothers often feel drained because of the physical trauma they go through during the nine months of pregnancy. Moreover, having a newborn to look after also takes a toll on the energy levels. Surprisingly, a physical therapist can help you cope with post-partum stress and low energy levels as well. You feel more aware of your needs and get the relaxation you require.

Seeing a physical therapist is a great idea for new mothers because the right professional can help you get back to normal sooner than you expect. With this, you can get your life sorted and enjoy motherhood to the fullest!