Do you live in a northern climate? Well, that’s an awesome place to grow crops during the summertime but the area experiences a drastic temperature drop in the fall —which can last for months and result in multiple problems. That’s where a grow tent heater comes in. Of course, many people ask if a grow heater is really safe. According to experts, a grow heater is not only safe but are extremely effective to allow you to grow produce during the fall and winter months. So, if you are living in these areas, you need a grow heater. From oil filled, metal-coil, to infrared—grow tent heaters can give you the service you need. Here are the top five reasons you need a grow tent heater.

Temperature Variations

With a heater, you are able to give your indoor plants the right temperature. Plus, if you are living in an area that experiences temperature variations, a grow tent heater can be a great solution.

Warm Your Room

During temperature variations, you can count on a grow tent heater to keep your space warm. Remember that temperature fluctuations are unpredictable making it hard to determine when to expect such variations.

Extremely Safe

Glow tent heaters come with a heating element as well as oil. These two elements are enclosed making them completely safe for household and commercial use. With added insulation, you don’t expect things like electrocution and fires.

Constant Humidity

A glow tent heater doesn’t have a fan. This means that it will not interfere with your humidity so there won’t be humidity fluctuations.

Nearly Silent

Glow tent heaters are super silent. So, you won’t have to worry about those annoying noises in your indoor space.

Compact Size

Grow tent heaters are designed with a compact size in mind. Therefore, you can fit them in even the smallest locations.


Want to use your grow tent heater in the bathroom? Well, it’s possible. All you need is a GFI plug.

Energy Saving

Modern grow tent heaters are designed using sophisticated technologies that enable you to save more on energy consumption. For instance, an energy-saving timer featuring more than 20 settings will enable you to set the right temperature. This eliminates guesswork and saves energy.


Modern grow tent heaters are customizable in terms of your heating needs. They come with a thermostat featuring 3 heat settings.

The Bottom-Line

If you are looking to maximize production when it comes to your indoor plants, investing in a grow tent heater can be a nice option. With a grow tent heater, you are able to give your indoor plants precise environmental conditions. Plus, a grow tent heater can be used again and again making it a long term investment for your indoor plants. So, if you are looking for something you can use to control environmental conditions for your indoor plants, then think in terms of grow tent heaters. With these units, you can control the temperature you want and still save high on energy consumption. The best part is that they don’t interfere with your humidity. Purchase one and take your indoor farming to the next level.