Sun exposure, aging, unhealthy lifestyle, and other factors can make your skin saggy and dry, causing wrinkles. To those who are bothered by this, thermage CPT skin tightening is the solution. Thermage CPT skin tightening refers to a nonsurgical radiofrequency treatment that makes the skin appear tighter, smoother, and younger. This treatment provides the best results when it’s combined with an exercise routine.

Here’s why you should include Thermage CPT skin tightening in your workout routine:

1. Tightens the Skin

Thermage CPT promotes skin tightening, particularly the skin on the face and neck, where signs of old age appear. While you can reduce the risk of getting a double chin through exercise and diet, they’re not enough to eliminate the unpleasant sagging appearance. This is where Thermage CPT plays its role.

Here are the skin tightening benefits of Thermage CPT:

  • Thermage CPT can help address mild to moderate skin laxity, so it can help eliminate a double chin over time.
  • It can help to flatten and tighten some of the fat on your stomach such as loose abdominal skin as a result from childbirth or weight loss which can cause sagging or skin laxity.
  • It can be used in combined with exercise to further tone and reduce sagging of the chin, neck, arms, and thigh muscles through radiofrequency waves.

2. Long-Term Effects

When exercising, you lose fat and build muscles.

Thermage CPT offers long term results. Depending on the level of aging and the condition of the skin, this procedure can help to improve the integrity of the skin over a 1 to 2 year time period. It helps to target stubborn areas that exercise can’t burn so you can achieve your fitness goals.

Here are the effects of Thermage CPT:

  • Eyes: Thermage CPT can be used on your upper and lower eyelids. This can help reduce fine lines, hooding and can help lift your brow line.
  • Face: Thermage CPT tightens and smooths the skin which defines the lip and jawline  while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It helps minimize sagging skin or ‘turkey neck’ and loose jowls. In short, it may help to improve the jawline and contours of the face.
  • Body: Thermage CPT smooths bulges and contours loose skin which also temporarily improves the ugly appearance of cellulite. It improves hydration and vitality.

3. Targeted Effects

With Thermage CPT, the doctor can target specific parts of the body such as the face, arms, around the eyes, stomach, and any parts of the body you need to reduce fat that exercise can’t touch. That’s why Thermage CPT makes a good combination with exercise because of the monopolar radiofrequency technology that heats the skin’s collagen fibers deeply, targeting the underlying tissues to tighten the skin. Exercise may not be enough because it might not be able to reach the deeper layers of the skin to achieve desirable skin tightening results on targeted body areas.

4. Combats the Signs of Aging

Exercise aims to improve overall wellness which includes achieving a younger look. You can attain this goal by including Thermage CPT skin tightening in your exercise routine. This procedure helps to increase collagen production and remodeling. The breakdown of collagen or the elastic and fibrous protein beneath the skin and connective tissues can be stimulated through the comfort pulse technology or Thermage CPT.

5. Resume Normal Activities Immediately

Because Thermage CPT is noninvasive, you can go back to your normal activities after the procedure, including an exercise regime. It makes an excellent treatment in combination with exercise to achieve your health and fitness goals. The procedure itself is generally comfortable. It’s similar to experiencing a vibrating massage. The doctor can always tweak the settings to fit your level of comfort. The procedure is also generally painless and it can be done in a doctor’s office within an hour.  This allows you to resume normal activities after the procedure without issues.


If you’re looking for an effective and non-invasive treatment to tighten skin when exercising, Thermage CPT can help you. It helps reduce sagging, especially around the eyes and the facial muscles. It’s also an excellent treatment for tightening the stomach that push-ups and abdominal crunches can’t reach.