Weight issues are so common in the world today. While the exact number of overweight people is not known, estimates by the World Trade Organization (WTO) say that more than 2 billion people are suffering from the problem. If you having a weight issues, you know that it requires persistence and patience. You will lose weight in certain weeks and then go through a plateau for some time. In this article, we will look at what you need to do when you hit such a weight loss plateau.

Understand that it’s normal

When you work out so hard and don’t see any changes, you might feel bad about yourself. You might feel like giving up. You might also think of trying other options. This is wrong. You need to understand that being in a plateau is a normal thing that all people trying to lose weight go through. Indeed, it is almost impossible to keep losing weight in all weeks. Therefore, calm down, and understand that what you are going through is a normal process.

Keep a food journal

There is a likelihood that you are going through the plateau because of a change of diet. Maybe you have started eating foods that you are not used to eat. Also, maybe you have increased the amount of food you are eating. To deal with this, you need to keep a food journal. This is a soft or hard-copy document of the foods that you eat, when you eat them, and the amount of calories. You should then learn from the journal. 

Increase your Fluid Intake

Water is very essential in your health and weight loss journey. Experts recommend that you should drink at least 2 liters of water every day. This water will help to nourish your skin, improve your health, and make you look good. If you struggle to drink water, you should use one of those nudging mobile apps. 

Exercise in the morning

Perhaps, you are having a weight plateau because you have reduced your exercising activities. As such, you should check out your level of exercising and then increase it. It is also recommended that you schedule your workouts in the morning hours. Studies show that those people who workout in the morning lose more weight than those who do it in the afternoon.

Beat Your Stress

Another reason why you might not be losing any weight is because of your mental status. People react to stress in various ways. There are those people who deal with stress by adding weight and those who deal with it by losing weight. Therefore, you should look at your mental status and look whether you are having any issues. If you are, you should try to address these issues first by possibly talking to a counsellor.

Final Thoughts

Being in a weight loss plateau is a normal thing. We all go through that process. That is why our weight loss charts have ups and downs. If you are going through this situation, you should also consider talking to an experienced fitness expert or a celebrity personal trainer, who has been in the industry for a long time. The expert will listen to you and find a reason why you are going through that, and then make recommendations.