In the academic world, being self motivated is the key to success. The more a person is motivated the more he/she works hard and makes things work. Motivation is like fuel in an automobile. The automobile will keep on working even if it has a single drop of fuel left in it. The moment the fuel is finished the automobile will fail to work and stop regardless of how far it has got. However, motivation is easy to lose with a similar day to day routine procedures one has to follow. It is to get tired off and lose interest at the end of the day. And let me tell you one thing, demotivation is like the devil itself. It is always right around the corner to drive one away from the task one is supposed to perform.

People can control their motivation but there are certain contributing factors. Motivation can be of two types. First is the extrinsic one where the person is motivated by the factors of the world, he/she sees. It can be anything from big houses and cars to other inspirational people. The second is the intrinsic one where inspiration is driven from inside. It can be more forceful and at the end of the day the results achieved can be more fulfilling. (Cherry, 2020)

Motivation is an important ingredient for success, therefore, I’m mentioning a few practices one can perform in order to induce motivation:

Set Goals for Yourself

Before starting a day there always comes a moment in every one of our heads that is the task for which one is getting out of the bed really worth it? For this one needs to set a goal. The question here is how to set a goal attractive enough to keep self motivated?

The first thing what one wants to change in life? What’s the dream job one wants? Or build better relationships? It is important to identify the identify goal importance so one can make it attractive enough. This will keep the motivation pumping in like blood.

Divide And Conquer

Now that one is done with setting an attractive target what is the next step? The answer that many will think is to start working on it immediately. Wrong. One should step out with proper planning. Divide the goal into small but achievable parts. Set milestones and little treats for yourself when even little is achieved. When one knows that there is a goal that can be achieved, and one is actually achieving it day by day the motivation grows.

Be More Committed

From the goal itself that one has promised to him/herself to the day to day tasks one is supposed to complete in order to achieve the target one should always be committed and self motivated. Do the work thoroughly and with concentration. It is okay if one does not get good grades in that test despite studying harder than ever. What matters at the end of the day is learning. Knowledge never goes waste. It is useful today or tomorrow. So, it is better to concentrate and be committed to the task despite failure.

The Team is the Spirit

It is always better to work in a team. Try to get as many tasks in teams as possible. The team is something where one has to work despite losing motivation. Say if one is assigned an assignment individually. It is possible that one will not get it done properly because of a number of reasons such as lack of motivation, guidance, timeline error et cetera. Such problems can be avoided when in a team. The division of labor keeps the error rate to a minimum. Teamwork can also boost individual performance with respect to communication, commitment, or responsibility et cetera.

Use Tools

One can use little tools such as wristbands, lanyards, badges, notebooks, or cups to keep self motivated. A reminder of the goal from time to time is necessary. It is even better to circulate these little friendly tools among friends to build a little motivated circle. 4inlanyards is the other name for such tools. They provide a variety of products such as wristbands, badge reels, and lanyards. One can get custom lanyards or printed lanyards on-demand in the shortest time period possible and at very affordable prices.

Circulating such materials can be an excellent motivation tool. Such pieces are a quick memory booster for the original goal that one sets out to pursue. One can also develop a motivating quote and print it on custom lanyards or wristbands.