With the recent legalization movement, cannabis has been growing in popularity. Among the growth is the expanded use of CBD products. Given that the substance does not have the psychoactive properties of THC, its use and acceptance have made it one of the fastest growing sectors. The result is a wide spectrum of products of varying brands offered at different price points available through multiple channels, including the Internet. Although this may be interpreted as a positive, it does carry some lingering effects that consumers need to be aware of. Before purchasing a CBD product online, customers should be aware of some important considerations.

 Not all CBD is equal

As with most products, not all items of the same category are equal. The reason is that each manufacturer may have differing processes for developing the item. One manufacturer may use a more expensive process that includes higher grade equipment or a quality control system while another manufacturer cuts costs by eliminating more expensive processes or by using lower quality machinery. Consumers looking to purchase CBD should look at manufacturers in the same manner. Review the labels, the vendor, the manufacturer, and the production process before purchasing.

Reputable hemp source

Comparing a tomato that was farmed using pesticides with others that used organic alternatives demonstrates different price points. The source of hemp is no different. Therefore, while lower pricing may be attractive, ensure that you know the contents of the CDB product. Lower prices will tend to demonstrate a lower cost structure, generally associated with substandard quality and growing practices.

Additional ingredients

The World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that CBD is well tolerated and safe for human consumption. Other scientific studies have reached similar conclusions proving that the use of the substance has less side effects than other drugs. Nevertheless, these studies address pure CBD. Therefore, if the manufacturer of a hemp-derived product includes other ingredients, the safety established by the WHO does not necessarily apply. Consumers are encouraged to seek reviews from reputable sources. Use a Select cbd coupon and read about vetted companies that follow responsible processes, thus producing high grade products.

THC content

In late 2018, the United States Congress finally provided some clarity by giving a formal definition of hemp. Lawmakers compromised that cannabis is considered hemp if the plant has a concentration of THC of 0.3 percent or less. The number is regarded as arbitrary, given that states that have legalized the substance have varying percentages in their formal definitions. Additionally, other countries vary on the concentration level of THC, as well. Nevertheless, the move provided much needed guidance to the question of legality and standardization. Therefore, when purchasing CBD, consumers need to ensure that they are purchasing a product that is legal and bound to the definition set forth by Congress. Companies often hire legal experts in the cannabis industry like McAllister Garfield to ensure that their business activities are protected and legitimate.

 Third-party testing

One of the best ways to ensure that the quality of CBD that companies offer is high is to see if the product is tested by a third-party laboratory. Although not having a lab result does not mean that the product is of poor quality, reputable companies will often seek to establish their product’s reputation using scientific testing. One of the common ways is to check for ISO certifications, among others.