What are wrist wraps for and why should I use them? These are the most common questions that people ask about wrist wraps. The answer to these questions is almost always the same. Wrist wraps are used for various purposes while at the gym; some use them for squats, some for boxing etc. The real reason behind using them is to support your wrists to prevent injury. If you are into exercising, then probably by now you have some experience on wrist wrap use. In most gyms these are considered as a part of your fitness attire, but why should you consider using them? Lets have a look below to learn some reasons why.

Benefits of Using Wrist Wraps

By going through the list, you will be able to understand whether or not you need wrist wraps.

More Training Hours

If you use wrist wraps, the wraps will help you to hold the muscles and in position better. That is how you will be able to train for longer periods of time. You can do more repetitions and train longer and harder. Because of the wrap, you will be able to do more training without causing pain to your wrists and associated muscles.  If you already have a pain or injury, then you should look for the best wrist wraps for sore wrists.

Heavy work? It’s Possible With Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps give support to the wrists. So, you can lift more weight or can hold weights for longer periods. The wraps can strengthen your grip giving you better stability and confidence.

Helps With Target Muscles

Wrist wraps allow you to lift more weight for longer periods of time without straining your wrists. That’s how these can increase your workout motivation performance. These wraps can keep your wrists stabilized, secure and tight so you can focus on your target muscles without letting your wrists take all the strain.

Now that we have the basic idea of why to use wrist wraps, here are a few tips will help you out even more.

Use with breaks

Do not become completely dependent upon wrist wraps. If you are using wrist wraps for weightlifting, then you do not need to use them all the time. Use them only when you are going max out. Getting support for our wrists is good but depending completely upon them will weaken our wrists. If this behavior is repeated, soon your wrist flexors and extensors will become a weak.

What Type of Wrap Do You Need?

There are basically two types of wrist wraps. One is the thin cotton-based wrap and the other is thick Velcro wrap. These different types of wraps have different uses. If you need flexibility, then thin wraps will be the best for you. On the other hand, if you need a power boost then thick wraps are your thing. So, if you are planning to max out on bench presses and weightlifting, go for thick Velcro based wraps. If you are using wrist wraps for boxing, then you should use a cotton-based thin wrap.

Tying Height Matters

You should not tie wrist wraps too low or too high. If the wrist wraps hang below your wrist joint, then you better get a bracelet. At this point, your wrist will not get any of the support it was supposed to get. While wrapping, makes sure that you are covering the joint area. This will give you the extra support that you are looking for.

Not Always a Solution to Wrist Issues

Many people use wrist wraps for pain, but their use should depend on the type of issue your arms are going through. People occasionally use wrist wraps to continue exercising while in pain. You might have injured your wrist somehow and that is why you are facing flexibility issues. Using wrist wraps in this condition might be harmful to your health and recovery. It is best to consult a physician before choosing your type of wraps or band. A suitable wrist band can help you recover, but the wrong one can make things even worse. So, use these for a proper reason and visit a doctor before choosing the best wrap for you if you have an injury.

Gymnastics Movements and Wrist Warping

Are you competing in gymnastics events? When doing regular bodyweight exercises you do not need to use these wraps. Simply put, your wrist does not need extra support for pull-ups, handstand pushups, ring dips etc. If you are injured and in need of exercise, then you should use wrist wraps. But this is only in case of exceptional circumstances. Also, if you think your skin might get damaged through exercise, then you can use wrist wraps to prevent this damage. But bear in mind that wearing wrist wraps all day long will limit your wrist abilities in the long run.


If you want to train hard then you can benefit from the use of wrist wraps. You can use wrist wraps for sore wrists to get relieve temporarily and they can ease the pain and also prevent pain from muscle strains. With proper use it is obvious that your performance will increase but do not push yourself to the extreme thinking that wrist wraps will save you. Also, you can learn more about wrist wraps through many videos available on YouTube. Good luck with your exercising.