There’s this chill in the air, and it appears it’s made up its mind to stay, so we are bringing you 5 tips to help you stay warm this Edmonton winter.

Many people are excited about biding a long, hot summer farewell to welcome the new season, which is all about cozy blankets and hot cocoa. They seem cool with the colder temperatures and get excited at the thoughts of winter sport and pure, white snow.

It could be all games and fun until the cold really gets them. However, others just groan once the signs of oncoming winter start showing. This may be your first or 10th Edmonton winter, but you still have to get smart if you want to make it to the other side since this annual journey isn’t that easy for some of us.

Cold and damp houses have been linked to poor health, and excessive cold Itself can be dangerous because it is known to result in mild hypothermia, which makes people fall or slip and thereby increasing their risks of developing respiratory diseases and having stroke or heart attack.

This usually happens when the temp drops to below 8C and it’s tougher for people suffering from mental illnesses such as dementia and depression. Older adults, disabled, pregnant women, people with low income who can’t afford heating, young children and people with long term health issue also usually have it pretty rough during the winter period.

This is why you need to access your health during the winter to help you find the areas you need to improve on such as reminding yourself of the reasons why you need to stick to healthy routines.

With these tips to help you stay warm this Edmonton winter, you are certainly on your way to surviving it. Most of these tips can easily be slowly incorporated into your daily life.

Staying Warm



If you are heating your home, only do that to the room you are in and keep the temp between 18 and 21 degrees. This is important if you have people who are vulnerable to cold weather such as babies, older people and people with illnesses living with you. Staying warm during the night is also important.

Block air leaks and gaps in doors and windows to cut out draughts. You can fit insulating pelmets around the lining door, window frames and the top of windows, with a strip of foam and place threshold rolls, which could be the old-fashioned one, at the bottom of doors in order to prevent current from creeping in.  

Locate and cover up mini-draughts as well. Cold air can creep in via the tiniest and lest expected places. Leave keys in their keyholes and block any hole behind plug points, light switches and TV connections.  

Get affordable rug or carpet and toss it over your kitchen tiles. Let in plenty of sunlight during the day by leaving the curtains open wide and seal in the lovely heat by immediately closing drapes at nightfall.

Let in plenty of sunlight during the day by leaving the curtains open wide and seal in the lovely heat by immediately closing drapes at nightfall. Double-glazed windows will help you reduce how much you use your heater.

About 51% of heat leaves the house through the roof, which is why insulating is the best way to have a cosy home and enjoy warmth during the winter period. Just make sure you have it done by a professional, especially when it comes to applying the thermal layer.

Your heating system should also be regularly checked too. You can have the Acclaimed Furnace help you keep warm outdoors with fire pits. They are inexpensive, safe, easy to use and move around, requires little assemblage. Plus, they create great winter ambience to keep you comfortable and healthy.

Dress Well



You don’t need to look like a snowman. Try simple methods of layering your clothing. Singlets and tees are good for the first layer, followed by cardigans or jumpers, topped with a thick coat.

If you love listening to music, get yourself entertained and warm by ditching inner-ear headphones and embracing an over-the-ear set. They’ll help you keep your ears warm and you also get to enjoy a better sound quality.

Get pocket hand warmers. It helps you avoid freezing fingertips that could make your phone not to respond to your touch.

You may be all rugged up in a big coat and still feel the cold, which is why you should check the fabric of the cloth you are wearing. Polyester just doesn’t retain the heat. Go for a woollen coat.  

Invest in thigh-high boots. They can be worn over jeans, with skirts or under a long dress for added warmth. People won’t know you are wearing them, but you will be keeping your legs warm and snug without sacrificing your look.

You can also wear fluffy socks in your boots, especially if you are prone to chilly toes. Fluffy socks are thick and so they can boots that are just a little bit too big for you to be comfortable.




It’s easier to get busy with a lot of things during the holidays, but once the buzz and activities die down, you can start feeling lonely. This is not a time for you to hibernate yourself indoor for warmth.

We also know how doing the same things such as walking, jogging and going to gym classes, can still lead to boredom. If you are sick of those, try signing up for some dance classes. This is a cool way to have positive changes in your mood and have better energy levels.

This is a perfect time for you to reconnect with old friends. You can feel physically warmer if you spend time to socialize. A study by the University of Toronto confirms this. Plan movie nights and dinner.

Stay connected with your loved ones by organizing game nights for your family. You can also lift your spirit by planning a getaway to a place with a warmer climate. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation.

Embrace Exercise



One of the best ways to bring up your body temperature is by running. There are many fun runs you can pick from and train with during the winter months.

Giving in to the temptation to ditch exercise during this period usually result in weight gain for people.

It may initially be a small weight, but it starts to add up and more winters come. If you don’t want to exercise outdoor, then you can check online for fun workout exercises and videos, which comes in varieties including strength training, yoga and other body-weight exercises.

Get Creative With Food And In The Kitchen



Winter may make you want to take warm comfort meals that are high in sugar, salt and fat but don’t. Get your comfort from nourishing and warming soups and stews. Include winter fruits in your diet and vegetables loaded with minerals and vitamins such as sweet potato, mandarins, bananas, beetroot, kiwi fruit, garlic, green leafy vegetables and ginger.

The hot weather in summer reminds us of our thirst but it is easy to neglect hydration with the cooler weather and we don’t feel our body need water.

Skin problems, such as eczema, are more common in winter because due to indoor heating, blustery weather and change in temperature, which can dry out the skin. So, drink plenty of water to flush out toxins and keep your skin healthy.

Baking come with some benefits such as getting baked goods with the hot oven and filling your house with the scent of some freshly baked scones, chocolate brownies and cookies. So, grab your apron and do some baking.

It is one of the best ways to heat your home. Health expert suggest carbs for this period since they can lift your mood and assist you in getting rid of the winter gloom. Saffron mixed with almonds and a cup of milk is good for bedtime and more important for your skin health.

Adding dry Fruits and nuts to your breakfast will help you bear the temperature well by keeping you warm. Drink plenty of tea, hot chocolate, coffee and other warm beverages. They can heat you up from the inside.

We hope these tips to help you stay warm this Edmonton winter have equipped proper knowledge on how to enjoy the coming winter and others in the future.