Metabolism is actually a process in which your body converts food into energy. In other words, it translates to how efficiently you can burn calories, which is why it’s such an important part of any weight management plan. When your metabolism is slow, your body doesn’t burn calories at a quick enough pace to help you lose weight – when it’s faster, you can enjoy more energy and better weight loss. There are a lot of different things you can do to boost your metabolism naturally, and we’re spotlighting five of the best ways to do just that. Let’s get started. 

1. Get your body moving

Because metabolism is so closely linked to burning calories, it only makes sense that exercise is a surefire way to give your metabolism a little oomph. Getting your body moving means you’re using up more energy – giving your body a reason to start converting more calories into energy.

2. Try reverse dieting

Despite the promises from the modern fitness industry that restricting the food you eat is the best way to lose weight, it actually harms your metabolism. But through a concept called reverse dieting, you can undo the damage done to your body through fad diets or periods of severe calorie restriction. By strategically building up your calorie intake, your body is encouraged to start burning calories at a faster rate again, until you’re at the point where your metabolism is at its peak. 

Reverse dieting is great for getting your body back into a rhythm – that’s why it’s a popular choice for athletes and those wanting to lose weight and boost your metabolism naturally. 

3. Make sure you’re sleeping well

We’re all aware of the importance of sleep, but many of us don’t take it seriously enough. When you don’t sleep well (and that means getting your recommended six to eight hours a night), it can wreak havoc on your body because it uses that time to repair, regenerate and rest. This is true when it comes to your metabolism too – so make sure you don’t damage your metabolism by not getting enough rest. 

4. Incorporate a little spice into your life

You can give your metabolism a little boost by including a great little nutrient in your diet – spice. Whether you favor Scotch Bonnet chillies or Padrón peppers, including chillies in your diet – fresh or ground – helps your metabolism by giving it a temporary boost after eating a spicy meal

5. Eat enough protein

Protein is one of your main food groups, so you should be covering it in your diet already. But increasing your protein intake can do wonders for your metabolism thanks to the fact that it has a thermic effect on your body (it requires more energy to convert) and even helps you to burn calories while you sleep. Just remember not to go too protein-crazy – you still need the other food groups for a balanced diet. 

Each of these five tips will help you to look at your metabolism, and weight management goals, with a more holistic view.