Do you rely on public transportation for your evening commute? Do you find yourself twiddling your thumbs and looking aimlessly out the window as you count down the minutes until you arrive at home? Why not look for ways to use that time in a more enjoyable and productive manner? We’ve got five ways in which you can kill time on the evening commute so you start looking forward to it, rather than seeing it as a waste.

Catch Up on Work Emails

If you’re the type that gets slaughtered with work emails all day long, why not use your evening commute to catch up on them? By responding during your commute, you’ll be clearing out your inbox which means your morning the next day should be much smoother. Although it may not be a fun way to spend the commute, it can take a lot of pressure off your workday.

Enjoy Some Online Gaming

Because just about everyone owns a smartphone nowadays, it means you have access to some fabulous, action-packed fun online gaming options. Online gaming is not only a fun and effective way to kill time, it can also prove to be very relaxing for people. While you’re focused on the game, you aren’t thinking about work stress, all the chores and tasks that await at home, or any other stressors.

The other great thing about online gaming is the variety of options. You can try everything from classic casino action at places like Spin Casino Canada, to puzzle-based games, RPG games, sports-themed games and even simulation style options. In other words, there is something for everyone no matter your tastes. 

Work Your Way through the Bestsellers List

How many times have you wanted to pick up the latest bestseller only to ask when you could possibly find time to read it? For many people, reading is a luxury they don’t have time for. Again, this is where your evening commute can be turned into productive time rather than seen as a waste of time. You’ll be able to work your way through a whole list of bestsellers. This may start to become an enjoyable activity that you start to look forward to on the commute.

Scroll Through Your Socials

Social networks are a rabbit hole that anyone can find themselves falling down. If you’re the type that enjoys catching up on social networks, why not dedicate the evening commute to this activity? By the time you get home, you’ll feel as though you’ve caught up, which leaves the rest of your evening free and open to enjoy other activities. 

Chat with Friends – Give Your Mood a Boost

And of course, there is nothing wrong with using that commute to chat with friends. You can catch up on each other’s days, make some plans and just enjoy that social time which can do wonders for your mental health after a long and busy day.

There is no need to look at your evening commute as a negative because, in reality, it can be a wonderful opportunity to be productive, relax yourself and just unwind from the day.