One problem women face is weight gain. We often see and hear women obsessing about their weight. It can even cause depression when their weight loss efforts don’t show any improvements. 

Most women create weight loss plans without knowing what they need to do to obtain the body they want. To help you figure out what you are doing wrong, here are five common mistakes most women make during their weight loss journey. 

Choosing the Wrong Food

Most women thought that choosing healthier options will most definitely help them lose weight. While choosing nutritious food is good, if you are trying to lose weight, you should not only consider how nutritious the food you eat is. You also need to mind your calorie intake. 

Even if you choose the healthier option, eating more than your calorie limit will prevent you from losing weight. You will be astounded to know that people who eat less healthy foods but limit their intake are more likely to lose weight than you. 

Calories are what you need to look out for. There are so many calorie counter apps available to help you control your calorie intake. Next time, be mindful of how many calories you put on your plate, whether it is a vegetable salad or fast food. 

Inadequate Sleep 

Losing weight is not only about eating right and being active. Sleep also has a huge impact on your weight loss attempt. One study shows that if you are deprived of sleep, you will expect to have high levels of hunger and craving hormones, resulting in low sensitivity to insulin. However, you can even order nighttime CBD edibles online, which helps you to overcome sleep issues.

You will also likely eat more the next day to cope with your low energy, causing you to gain weight. It is best to sleep more than eight hours a day to help you achieve your weight goal. If you are having trouble dozing off, you can consider taking supplements such as melatonin and magnesium. 

Next time, make sleep your priority. You can also eat less every day if you are asleep most of the time. It will not only aid your weight loss, but it will also give you a more youthful glow and stress-free aura. 

Sticking to One Workout Routine

Most women think that doing the same workout routine over and over again will help them lose weight. It will but only within a short period. If you are just repeating your workout every day, your body will get used to it, will eventually become comfortable with the routine, and will not burn any fats anymore like it used to. 

It is best to alternate cardio workout and strength training to have a variation on your workout. It is also recommended to incorporate intervals in your workout. Meaning, you should alternate intense workouts with lower intensity ones or rest. 

Comparing Yourself to Others

Each individual is unique. If you see that other person who has the same plan as yours already shows improvement, do not get disappointed. What may work for others may not work for you. There are so many diet plans available over the internet, and some of them may not help you lose weight. But the good news is others will give you results. 

Don’t lose hope. After you try certain routines and notice that it doesn’t work for you, you need to change your diet plan. Try every diet plan until you find the one that will best fit you. You can also create your plan by mixing and matching different diet plans. Choose what part of a specific plan worked for you and compile them into one customized plan. 

Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Losing weight won’t happen overnight. You need to work hard, and it may take time to see the result. Unrealistic expectations may ruin your efforts. Research showed that women who have unrealistic expectations in the program dropped out after six months. 

Manage your expectations and set a reasonable goal to avoid disappointment, which can cause a loss of interest. Always think that the result you want will come if you work hard. If things get hard, there are supplements and prescription medicines that can aid your weight loss attempt. What’s more, getting your hands on them does not mean hurting your pocket when you can readily access a lot of discount coupons from various stores or websites. 

Talk to your doctor about these medications and never consume weight loss supplements and medicines without a proper diagnosis and prescription as it can put your health in danger. Overweight and obese women are the ones given this kind of option to help them manage their weight as it is already dangerous. 

Don’t lose hope. As long as there is will power, you will achieve your desired weight. Additionally, enjoy your weight loss journey, which is why choosing a routine that fits you is important. If you are enjoying yourself, you will never notice that you are already closing on your goal.


No matter how hard your efforts are to lose that extra pounds, you will never shed that off if you are doing it wrong. Now that common mistakes are already pointed out. It is best to change your routine and make sure to avoid these mistakes in the future.