Many gym owners focus on purchasing the latest exercise equipment for their gym to attract new customers. But it’s the amenities you offer that keep your customers around long-term, so they should be an important focus too. This is especially true for business owners who cater to the retirement and assisted living markets. Your customers have specific needs and you need to make sure you make your gym comfortable and easy for them to use. Before you blow your entire budget on new equipment, consider adding these amenities to your gym.

Refreshment Area

Energy and hydration are important when working out. People often consume pre and post-workout snacks or drinks. Adding a refreshment area to your gym is a great way to boost sales and provide customers with items they need. You should also consider offering purified water to customers to keep them hydrated while they workout.

Exercise Classes

People who regularly go to the gym often appreciate having a variety of workout options. So you should consider adding exercise classes to the mix. Ideally, you should add exercise classes that focus on helping people at various levels. For example, if you have a pool on-site, you might want to add a water aerobics class for seniors who are focused on their overall health. You could also include Zumba classes for people who enjoy dancing or pilates and yoga for those who want a targeted workout that moves at a slower pace. Some other popular exercise class options to consider include:

  • Barre
  • Kickboxing
  • Aerobics
  • Cardio
  • Dance

Swimming Pool

Not only is swimming a great way to exercise, but people also use swimming as a way to relax. IF you have the space, consider adding an indoor pool to your gym. It doesn’t need to be an Olympic size pool or something overly elaborate. A simple pool with plenty of room is fine. Ideally, you should rope off a few lines that people can use to swim laps and leave the rest of the pool design open for people to use however they like and for water-based exercise classes.


Offering gym members free childcare while they workout is a great way to attract busy grandparents who are often tasked with looking after their grandkids. This should be a fully staffed childcare area, not just an unsupervised play area for children to use while their grandparents exercise. This way grandparents with grandchildren of all ages can take advantage of the service, not just those with older children able to occupy themselves.

Comfort Amenities

People go to the gym for more than a workout. They often go to the gym to relax and relieve some stress. So it’s a good idea to have amenities available they can use to wind down a bit after they exercise such as a steam room and/or jacuzzi. You could also offer massage therapy service. Basically, the idea is to provide services and amenities that help calm both the mind and the body.

Upgraded Locker Rooms

Your facility’s locker room should be more than a place for members to store their clothes and personal belongings while they workout. Many people workout right before heading to work or on their lunch hour, so it’s a good idea to upgrade your locker room space so it includes full showers, dressing rooms, and grooming areas. Some fitness facilities even offer complimentary shampoo, conditioner, soap, blow dryers, and curling irons for member use because it’s always a good idea to make coming to and using your gym facilities as convenient as possible for your members.

When choosing amenities to add to your gym, you should focus on creating a full, rewarding experience for your members. Think about things that make it easier for them to make time for their workout, because the easier exercising is for them, the more frequently they’ll come to your gym.