Weight benches are essential workout equipment which you would undoubtedly find in any gym. A gym is not a gym if there’s no weight bench. Many people even prefer to have a weight bench at their home these days. This especially applies to people who commit themselves to workout consistently. If you don’t have a weight bench. Go to this site Muscle Kiss and read about the best weight benches.

So, the question, what is all of this buzz about weight benches? The reason why they have become a must-have for people who work out is because of their multi-purpose. You can perform a wide variety of exercises just with the help of a weight bench. With that being said, here’s a list of exercises you can consider if you have a weight bench.

Leg lowers

Leg lowers a core exercise. You start by laying on your back on the weight bench. Hold the bench with both the palms as you lie down for support. Once you have assumed a firm resting position, lift both your legs slowly in the air. Make this movement slow, since the slower you perform it, the more strength it builds. Go till your legs are at a 90-degree angle with the rest of the body. Now, as you reach 90 degrees, get your legs back to the initial position slowly. This is one rep.

Triceps dip

Triceps dip aims at toning the triceps, pretty much like the name of the exercise suggests. To begin with, the exercise, start by sitting at the edge of the bench. Rest your hands on the bench such that your fingers grip the edge of the bench. Your feet should rest right in front of you on the floor. Now, to make a movement, press your shoulders downward, moving the body towards the floor as you bend your elbows. While you do this, your butt should be brought close to the floor, to the degree that is possible. Now, slowly pick yourself up to the initial position. This makes one rep.

To make the most out of this exercise, make sure you are sitting right next to the weight bench. This would help you tone your triceps quite efficiently without putting unneeded pressure on your rotator cuffs.

Step up

Step ups help in working out your glutes and legs. This exercise would be even more fruitful if you have a pair of dumbbells. Hold dumbbells in both your hands as you stand next to your weight bench. Start by placing the foot next to the bench on the bench. Now, as you push your body up by exerting pressure on the foot resting on the bench, set the other foot apart when it reaches the level of the bench. And then, bring the foot back close to the other and go back to the initial position. This makes one rep. Repeat the same with the other foot once you are done with one foot.

Decline pushups

Decline pushups help in strengthening chest and arms. You can easily perform this exercise with the help of weight benches. Having a weight bench would help you perform this exercise in an ideal posture. Start by setting both your foot on the bench and taking support by placing your hands right underneath your shoulders on the floor. Your body will assume a reclining position from toe to head. To perform the exercise, pick your body up with your arms and then let your arms down as your body pushes back towards the floor. This makes one rep.

These are the exercises that you can perform if you have a weight bench. Moreover, if you buy a pair of dumbbells, you can perform a more significant number of exercises. This site Muscle Kiss has the reviews of some of the best weight benches of this time. Weight benches make working out at the comfort of home possible. You can focus on each part of your body and tone muscles in different regions. If you have a weight bench at home, you can avoid paying a hefty amount at the gym and perform effective bench exercises at home.