Millions of individuals deal with back pain every day. It’s rare that someone gets through their adult life without experiencing it, at least occasionally.

There are ways you can combat it, including over the counter pain meds, prescription pain meds, physical therapy, getting massages, and more. However, did you know that you can decrease your back pain by changing your diet? What you eat has a lot to do with how you feel, and that’s certainly the case in this area.

We’ll go over some foods that can ease your back pain, and we’ll also explain the connection.

Why Do Certain Foods Reduce Back Pain?

Inflammation is the reason why many people experience back pain. Inflammation is a process through which your body’s white blood cells protect you from what they perceive to be harmful. It’s a way to block viruses and bacteria.

The problem, though, is that inflammation can hurt, particularly if it is chronic. If you don’t exercise enough or you don’t eat healthily, that promotes inflammation. If you have chronic inflammation, and you don’t do anything about it, that can lead to worse problems down the line.

If you have non-specific back pain, a doctor might diagnose you with inflammation and want you to change your diet. Here are some foods they might mention.

Seasonings and Spices

Some people don’t realize that particular spices and seasonings can act as inflammation reducers. For instance, you can use some turmeric, cinnamon, and basil in your cooking.

If you make some chili, you can add a cinnamon dash. You might have some cinnamon toast in the mornings. You can add basil to many different soups, and you can use turmeric in meat marinades.

Green Tea

Many people are caffeine-dependent. If you have a little bit each day, it’s not the worst thing in the world. You can substitute coffee for green tea a couple of times each week.

Green tea has some strong anti-inflammatory properties. You might start to experience less back pain if you incorporate it into your diet.

Olive Oil

Most people have olive oil in their kitchens, and it has many benefits, including inflammation-fighting abilities. You can use it instead of some other cooking oil varieties. You can get away from sunflower oil or corn oil, and your food shouldn’t taste very different.

You can use olive oil in different meat or fish marinades. You can also set a dish of it out with some fresh crusty bread for dipping if you have company over or you’ve gathered the family for dinner.


Nuts have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Cashews and almonds are some of the best in this area, and they’re also a great protein source.

You can start stocking your pantry with these, and you can have some for a snack instead of potato chips or other unhealthier food options. You can have them raw or mix them in with some raisins and other dried fruit to make a trail mix. You can take it to work with you or eat it on public transportation.

Red Wine

If you enjoy having some nice red wine with dinner, you’ll be happy to hear that it can help you with inflammation. Grapes have many antioxidants and nutrients that can stave off back pain.

You can head to the liquor store and pick out some good ones. Francis Coppola, the famed director, makes several great red wine options. If you have a glass in the evenings, you can chase the bad days away, and your back should feel better too.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes help you fight inflammation. Some people call it a superfood, which means that it has a ton of nutrients.

Sweet potatoes go well with fish or certain meat dishes, and you can prepare them in lots of different ways. A baked sweet potato with a little butter and sea salt is delicious, but you can also cut them up for fries if you like. If you have some sweet potatoes fried in olive oil, that’s two inflammation-fighting foods at once.

The more you learn about inflammation, the more you’ll probably want to reduce it in your body. You can take a hard look at both your diet and your routine.

If you can eat better and exercise, you’ll often find that your back pain won’t be so much of an issue. You might be able to return to some activities that you haven’t been able to do in years.