Do you read honey labels every time you shop for honey? It is important to do so, to know the purity and type of honey instead of having to rely on the brand name. If you prefer clover honey to the others, you will benefit from its antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This includes, wound dressing, moisturizing the skin, and even regulating blood pressure. Since pure honey does not expire, ensure that you close the lid of your honey tightly to prevent moisture and increase its shelf life. In this article are reasons you should use clover honey due to the benefits below.

A healthier alternative to sugar 

If you are planning to quit sugar or you are worried about your sugar intake. Clover honey is good for you as a healthier alternative as it has flavonoids and phenolic acid. The flavonoids have many benefits including reduced risk of heart disease, asthma, cancer, and stroke. Similar to other antioxidants, flavonoids in clover honey help inhibit the growth of metallic ions and free radicals.

Good for sleeping disorders 

If you take clover honey regularly and you have a sleeping disorder. It will be of benefit to you. Just a teaspoon of clover honey before you head to bed is enough. This will prevent you from waking up at night. Since the honey will help restock your liver with glycogen. Therefore, there will be no triggers happening at night because your body is not short of glycogen. Plus, honey slightly raises the insulin level, putting your body to sleep indirectly.

Natural moisturizer for dull and dry skin 

Did you know that honey is an amazing ingredient to use if you have a dry face? If you create DIY moisturizers to use for your face. Add honey to the mixture and you will love the result it will give your face. Also, the cosmetic industry uses honey a lot as they know its amazing benefits to the skin. Not only does it help to rejuvenate the skin, but it regulates skin pH, treats acne, and removes wrinkles. Some of the honey-based cosmetic products include lip ointments, sun blocks, cleansers, shampoo, conditioners, and beauty creams. 

As a dressing for diabetes wounds 

Are you in search of a cost-effective dressing for diabetic wounds? Using clover honey will come in handy as honey since ancient times is known to help with healing wounds. Today, diabetes is so common, that they need a cost-effective treatment for wounds brought by diabetes, and one way to do so is to treat it with honey. Among the many types of honey that are available, studies show clover honey is the most cost-effective to help in the dressing of the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers.

Promotes healthy hair and scalp

Clover honey helps to reduce hair fall and scalp infections. Although there may be other remedies for removing dandruff from hair. Honey is also as effective as its antifungal and antibacterial properties work well too. Therefore, if you are looking for a solution to help in the management of dandruff, use diluted raw honey, and the effects will have positive results. For instance, scaling will start disappearing and itching will get relieved. 

Rich in antioxidants 

Clover and other kinds of honey are great antioxidants. This is the compound that helps to kill free radicals in your body. Free radicals are known to cause many health concerns. Such as inflammatory, cardiovascular disease, and also cancer. Hence, you must add honey to your diet to benefit from this. It will also help you regulate blood pressure. However, in case you have high blood pressure and diabetes, taking honey may not be your first choice. 

To sum up, add clover honey to your pantry because of the above beneficial reasons. Plus, according to research, it has the strongest antibacterial properties, among other kinds of honey. Hence, consider using it for the above and also adding it to your hot beverages and other dishes like drizzling it in your granola for breakfast. Like any other type of honey, although it consists of natural sugars, still it has minerals and vitamins present in it adding to its nutritional value.