We all hate getting injured. All of a sudden, something previously unimaginable occurs, and our responsibilities must be put on hold. There is no shortcut. All we can do is wait until our bodies are back on track. 

Unfortunately, some people think that they just know their bodies better, and they disregard the advice of a doctor. There’s your family, friends, or your company, waiting for you, and you cannot disappoint them. Frequently this attitude leads to even more significant health problems, as the body did not rest enough and is prone to further injuries. In a second, you’ll learn what are the most common mistakes after surgery that make the process of recovery much more lengthier. 

Work & Family

Sometimes the temptation is just too strong. The whole world doesn’t revolve around you, but without your help, it just may stop spinning. You might be reluctant to get back to work because you know there is a risk, but don’t we risk our lives every day? Sadly, although the scientists make previously unthinkable possible, we are not metal cyborgs yet. Yes, the human body is unbelievably resilient, but it needs time to regenerate. 

After your surgery, give your body a break and avoid strenuous physical activity. If you ignore its needs, you must be aware that you might be facing another health-problems soon. Your loved ones will certainly understand that you need a break. If you work in a dangerous work environment, you should consider taking out a short term health insurance. You won’t have to worry about your finances while you recover. 

Lack of physical movement

While too much physical activity after surgery can have a detrimental effect on your body, not moving at all can be bad for your health as well. If you’ve spent a lot of time lying in bed, you might get blood clots. The most crucial part is to adjust to your normal day-to-day responsibilities gradually. Your muscles will need time to regain their strength, but don’t you worry – with enough time and effort, they will. 

Breathing exercises

Just as much as you need light physical exercises to slowly prepare your body to more challenging activities, after some surgeries, you’ll need to do breathing exercises as well. It will ensure that your lungs stay well-inflated. If you want your lungs to be healthy even though you spend a considerable amount of time in bed, you need to challenge them somehow.

Poor nutrition

If you want your body to recover after a major surgery properly, you’ll need to provide it with proper nutrients. To regenerate yourself, you’ll need a lot of protein, which means that you should be eating a lot of eggs, meat, and dairy. Of course, it’s best to consult your diet with a professional, as some conditions might require you to restrict your diet considerably. 

“I feel better!”

After some time, you might feel that your body is as good as new. You’ve spent enough time not doing anything particularly tiring; you feel like you’ve had enough. Unfortunately, we can’t really tell if our internal organs are all well. You shouldn’t rely on our hunch, instead of listening to your doctor’s advice.

The same applies if you are prescribed any medication. Even if you feel an improvement, you should continue taking it until you’ve finished your treatment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact anyone whose knowledge is more extensive than yours, but if you do, be prepared to adhere to their advice.

Driving your car

There is a reason why it is inadvisable to drive your car shortly after you’ve had surgery. Your hands might be just fine, but it’s not about the ability to drive your car itself. Instead, a complex surgery could impair your reflexes, which could lead to a dangerous situation on the road. Remember, that if you decide to ignore all warnings, you will be not only risking your own life, but also putting others in harm’s way. It might feel that you’ve temporarily lost a part of your freedom, but worry not. If you follow the necessary steps toward the recovery, you’ll be fine in no time!

Hold your horses!

It is understandable that after surgery, you’d love to return to your life and your responsibilities. Life won’t wait for you, no matter whether you’ve had problems with your liver or left ankle. Although no one doubts that your family would love to see you as soon as possible, they will be more than understanding to let you get back to your responsibilities at your own pace. The road to hell is paved with good intentions – even if the well-being of your family is of utmost importance to you, your over-eagerness could make you injured once again. Not really something that would be beneficial for your family.