If you’ve noticed a bald spot on your head for the first time, you’re most likely in somewhat of a panic. 

This can be a distressing situation. Your mind is likely racing through options to fix bald spots. Before, thinking of the worst, there is a possibility that you can regrow hair in these bald spots. 

Blading is the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, and general aging. Most common, hair loss is the result of aging and a natural process for most men. Hair loss isn’t reserved for men. Women can also experience balding due to these factors. So, if you are looking for a leading platform to solve your hair loss problem! Check it out on https://www.fortesclinic.co.uk/.

Regardless of male or female, if you want to fix bald spots, here are six proven and easy ways to regrow hair in these areas. 

1. Take Finasteride

Finasteride is the generic name for the commonly known brand, Propecia. Use this method when you first notice balding and keeps the hair you still have on your head.

The suffocation and shrinking of hair follicles make thin hair fall away before the follicles have the chance to dry up. This is a helpful way to facilitate hair regrowth before your regrowth chances decrease. 

Take tablets orally or as recommended by your doctor.

You should be aware of some side effects that a small percentage of people may experience. This could include anything from decreased libido to erectile dysfunction. 

Because of its other uses, this method is only recommended for men.

2. Hair Supplements

Supplements aren’t gimmicks. They’re natural providers of nourishment to your hair and yet another way to help fix bald spots.

The supplements we’re talking about are hair vitamins like biotin, Nutrafol, Sugar Bear Hair, and dozens of others. These all help you to get better hair before your time runs out.

Not all supplements are the same. The important thing to remember is that you should be taking these supplements before there’s an evident issue. 

Consistency is key. Make sure you’re taking these supplements consistently so they compound. There are no hormonal effects and most supplements are formulated around diet requirements to consume without fear. 

Facilitating healthy hair is important. Who knew it was as simple as swallowing two gummy bears for all-day hair and health needs. 

3. Stem Cell to Fix Bald Spots

A stem cell hair transplant is a lot like the traditional hair transplant process. 

The major difference between the two is the removal process. During a general transplant, a large number of hairs are removed around the area of the hair loss. Stem cell transplants remove a skin sample in which the hair follicles are harvested. 

This leads back to the lab where the follicles replicate before implanting back into the subject’s head. 

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that are unable to do things in the body. The way they’re able to divide and renew themselves give stem cells the ability to become other types of cells and repairing areas of the body. 

Although stem cell transplants are only theory-based as of now, newer technology shows that these developments will be available sooner than later. 

In 2017, the first stem cell hair transplant was completed by Italian researchers. 

4. Platelet-Rich Plasma

Popularity is the name of the game when it comes to hair regrowth options. 

Over the last few years, platelet-rich plasma has boomed onto the scene. It’s one of the most recommended ways of fixing a bald spot, but how?

The process starts by extracting an individual’s blood and separate the plasma from the blood. Like drawing most plasma, the plasma is then injected back into the individual’s scalp. Stimulated inactive or weakened follicles promotes hair regrowth. 

Treatments are generally broken up into two separate treatments a month or so apart. This is a minimum recommendation, but most platelet-rich plasma treatments continue for at least four months. 

This regrowth process has shown a 75 percent effectiveness rate in men as far as significant hair regrowth goes. 

5. Proper Diet

Yes, even diet can affect your hair growth and regrowth tendencies. If you aren’t drinking enough water or eating the right nutrients, hair growth can stall out. 

Vitamin C-rich foods, lean meats, Vitamin A, and beta-carotene foods all promote healthy hair follicles. Not only does this type of eating promote a healthy scalp, but it has overall health benefits as well. 

Other foods like strawberries, wheat, oats, rice, beans, milk, yogurt, and eggs all have benefits to promote a healthy scalp. 

You might be surprised how important diet is to additional stress levels and the regulation of the body to produce healthy hair. 

6. Use of Natural Oils

Essential oils can be used as a natural way to promote hair growth. You might know their uses for other practical processes. 

Two of the most popular oils you can start using are rosemary and peppermint oils. These both have natural ingredients to help boost hair growth and treat hair loss. 

Rosemary oil improves circulation through anti-inflammatory properties while peppermint oil safely boosts hair growth along with helping treat headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and other symptoms. 

Other oils like taramira, olive, jojoba, and tea tree can all be used as well. 

Value Hair Health and Growth

To fix bald spots, you have to consider your avenues. Picking the right treatment option depends on the individual and their level of concern with fixing a bald spot.

Your overall health doesn’t stop at the root of your hair. The way to facilitate a healthy life is to be well-rounded in your process.

If you need help navigating these waters, keep reading. Our articles are designed to keep your health a priority regardless of the obstacle.

Continue to value your hair health and follow the necessary steps on your journey.