Getting and staying fit is a real challenge. For many of us, it’s hard just to get up off the couch. So, what are the little secrets and tips that you need to follow to live a healthy life?

In this article, we shall look at 6 holistic fitness methods that you need to incorporate in your daily life.

Drink Plenty of Water

Time and again, health experts have insisted on the importance of drinking sufficient amount of water. Ideally, you should have at least 3-4 liters of fresh drinking water every day. Drinking water, especially early in the morning after waking up helps in firing up your metabolism and hydrating your body.

Beyond metabolism and hydration, drinking water plays an integral role of flushing out the harmful toxins that may otherwise accumulate in your system. Another health benefit of water is that it provides your brain with fuel and helps the body get more nutrients from food.

Workout in the Morning

We all know the health benefits of exercising ranging from strengthening our bodies, building our muscles to keeping us fit.But did you know that morning workout sessions can improve your mental performance for up to 10 hours?

Yes, research indicates that in the early morning hours, essential hormones in your body that form a major building block to the muscle mass are elevated at the time. So, by doing your workouts in the morning, you`re leveraging on these naturally circulating hormones at their peak as opposed doing it later in the day when they`re lower.

Besides the hormone factor, exercising early in the morning will boost your metabolism allowing you to burn calories throughout the day even when you`re not aware of it.

Therefore, if you`re serious about achieving certain fitness goals, then it`s more practical that you begin your fitness routine early in the morning.

Work on your Diet

No fitness program can be complete with a diet.The food we eat plays a crucial role in the health of our bodies. No matter your craving for sweets, and junk food stay away from them as they will not help you get in shape.

Instead, according to ASCVS, your major constituents for your daily diet should be veggies and fruits that will help you stay in shape. For instance, veggies are known to make you feel fuller for longer, thus allowing you to eat smaller portions of food, thus, ensuring your calorie intake is less than calorie outtake.

Walk, Walk and Walk

Sure, using a car will allow you to reach your destination more quickly, but you’ll be idling there, in spite of your 50mph.Walking, on the other hand, will allow you to exercise and burn calories as well. Walking is particularly good news for those who don’t like rigorous workouts. Though not many individuals think of walking as a genuine fitness programs, that’s exactly what it is.

Walking offers a hassle-free, low-impact way of burning your calories, and keeping you fit. So, if you’re looking to stay fit, why not get a good pair of sneakers and hit the road every day to the office?

Vary your Activities

Regardless of how you feel enthusiastic about a particular exercise, repeatedly doing it will result in boredom. With time, your body will hit a plateau, and in turn, you will lose interest in the workout, and you`re more likely to quit the entire fitness program.

So, instead of having a single exercise, the best way to stick to your fitness goals is to participate in a mix of activities.Variety will not only keep things fresh, but it’s also better for you too.

For instance, you can have cardio for day one, yoga for day two, strength training for day three, and so on.

Remember that different workouts have a different impact on your muscle tissues, meaning rotating the exercises allows you to target different muscle groups, while the other tissues rebuild. This way, it will allow you to feel refreshed daily, without the risk of losing your form.

Go to Bed on Time

Routine is essential in your daily life. Maintaining consistency will ensure that your body will keep all its systems working optimally. Having a regular sleep pattern, for instance will strengthen your body and also help in maintaining hunger.

Failure to have a restorative or sufficient sleep often results to slower metabolism. Beyond metabolism, sleep is essential for boosting the immune system, and so, you should always give a preference to when and how you’re sleeping.


Contrary to what many believe, you do not need a personal coach or a professional chef by your side to maintain a fit and healthy body. You need to follow the above daily fitness tips to the latter, and hopefully, you should begin to see results soon.