You have much more control over your health than even the best doctors do. Most of what constitutes perfect health is your diet, lifestyle, and disease. We have a lot of control over the first two factors and less control over the third, yet there are ways of lessening the chance of falling ill. Optimizing your health involves a combination of several factors. It’s difficult, if even possible, to achieve the best health by doing only one thing while ignoring other factors.

Here are six things to do that will help your overall health.

Eat Healthy

We’ve all heard this time and time again. Despite the constant reminders, food facts, and abundance of choices to eat healthier, there is a lot of evidence to show that three-quarters of American adults still pack in unhealthy fats, carbs, and sugar in their diet. Surprisingly, around 75% of adults believe they follow a healthy diet. This begs the question, are people confused about what a healthy diet is? You should be getting 45–65% of your calories from carbs, 25% to 35% from fat, and 10% to 30% in protein. This is just a general guideline. You can introduce small changes in your diet a little bit at a time. Cook your own food at home, read the labels on food packages, and start learning to make healthier eating choices

Drink Plenty of Water

To keep the body hydrated for perfect health, flush out bacteria that reach your bladder, bring in more oxygen to your cells, and help the digestive tract, you should be drinking between 2 and 2.5 liters (67-85 Oz) of water daily. Everyone’s body loses water through sweat and urine which needs to be made up for by drinking water. Try to sip water throughout the day. Consuming the recommended amount of water doesn’t depend on feeling thirsty or not.


The adverse effects of leading a sedentary lifestyle are too many to name. For starters, it can cause obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and poor blood circulation. When you have a look at the helpful sports tips and best equipment rankings at you won’t have an excuse to remain in a sedentary lifestyle and can begin an enjoyable exercise regime and practice your favorite sports. If you’ve been inactive for some time, start slowly and move your way up toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Getting in some daily exercise will always be better than none at all. Not everyone has an hour to spare every day to keep in shape, but you’ve got a few minutes to do some basic drills and mobility workouts.

Limit Alcohol and Caffeine

You receive a lot of health benefits when you limit your consumption of both alcohol and caffeine beverages. For example, as you age, the liver will have a more difficult time clearing your blood from alcohol. 

As for caffeine, if you feel anxious, irritable, have insomnia, and are prone to headaches or fatigue when you don’t get enough coffee into your system, it could be signs that you are consuming too much. If you drink more than 4 cups of coffee a day, it’s time to limit that to 1 or 2 so that you get the perks of coffee that people crave, without the negative side effects