Table Tennis, also known as Ping Pong, is a really fun sport that you can play with your friends and loved ones. It is something that looks easy but it is more difficult than you may think. You can also compete in actual tournaments and show off your abilities as a table tennis player. Although some people aim to have some fun on a Sunday, for example, others aspire to be the champion in competitions.

As with any other sport, one must train and develop their skills to progress and become better and better. The same goes for ping pong players – if you want to be the best, you must work on your skills and your game, no matter what your ultimate aims are. In this article, we will provide you with six tips for becoming a better table tennis player.

Choose Your Equipment and Use It Exclusively

When you first look for Table Tennis equipment to purchase, you may realize that there are various different types. If you have no prior knowledge or experience in this area, it may surprise you to see that there are different tables, different paddles and even different balls. There will be some equipment that is more appropriate for beginners whilst some is for professionals, and required at any time of professional competitions. Professional equipment may look better and more tempting to buy, but if you have no experience, it is best to go for the basics, until you get used to it. Do not allow others to use your equipment and always look after it properly so that it lasts.

Master The Basics

Table Tennis is more often than not considered a hobby or fun activity to do with the family more than a sport. But this is the wrong notion. If you want to become better at this sport, you must accept that you cannot just grab a paddle and hit the ball. There are certain basics that you are required to learn, such as how to appropriately grip your paddle, and the correct stances to improve your game. The folks at suggest reading expert blogs so that you learn different aspects of Ping Pong. Paying attention to these little things will make a significant difference overall in how you play the game.

Serve The Right Way

Serves are indeed one of the best moves that can get you an easy win without requiring much effort and time. If you do it properly that is of course. You can gain a massive advantage over the other person, and even result you in winning the game. However, there are different ways you can serve, and not everyone is the correct one or as effective. Although this is effective, make sure that you use more than one move, otherwise your opponent will easily predict your next move, which will give them advantage over you. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

With anything in life, if you want to improve, you must practice and practice for as long as it takes to achieve your results. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with talent, but this does not mean that you cannot be great at whatever you choose. When you practice you can pay attention to your strengths and your weaknesses. You do not necessarily need to have someone else with you to practice, you can easily do this on your own if you purchase a specific ping pong table that has single player features. Another great idea is to record yourself, as this will give you a different perspective to your skills.

Join A Table Tennis Club

When you are a beginner at ping pong, as we discussed above, practicing will boost your performance, but it can be difficult to develop if you do not have the input of someone else advising you of what to change or even so that you can put your abilities into practice. A good way to achieve this is to join a table tennis club – this way you can play with others, potentially with the same level or experience or much higher, which will definitely teach you about your own technique and what you need to improve specifically. These clubs are often led by professional coaches who can oversee your performance and support you to become a better table tennis player.

Keep Cool and Stay Patient

Oftentimes, table tennis players can forget to maintain their temper stable and become slightly aggressive in the way they serve and the way they play overall. This sport is physical but also has psychological aspects to it – do not let it get to you. Be patient and learn your opponent’s strategy so that you can predict what they do and gain advantage over them.

Playing table tennis can be great fun, whether you do it as a hobby or play it professionally. It is okay if you have not yet developed a perfect technique – read the tips discussed above, which will certainly help you become a better table tennis player.