Every year the prevalence of obesity increases globally. However, it’s more apparent in first-world countries like the United States. There’s even a top trending show where the lives of 600-lb men and women are documented for an entire year.  The dire situation these people placed themselves in resulted from unhealthy eating and the constant need to eat all day, ignoring the serving size and quality of the food they eat daily. In 2016, obesity was on the rise in the United States, and about 37% of adults have a BMI of 30 or higher. 

Obesity affects the quality of life of an individual and increases their mortality rate. Many overweight people suffer from debilitating diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, and many types of cancer.

To address obesity and improve one’s health, a change in lifestyle choices is essential. Exercise, medication, and portion control can all lead to good health and a better quality of life.

A daily walk around the block twice a day for 30 minutes each can significantly improve one’s cardiovascular health and bring down one’s weight. Certain medications prescribed by your doctor to manage your heart may be essential as you strive for healthier living.

Controlling the portion size of what you eat daily may be a challenge, mainly if you have been used to large serving sizes in restaurants and fast-food places. To help you out, here are some tips you may employ to control food portions and sizes effectively: 

1. Practice Blue Plate Service At Home

Instead of serving all the food separately at the table, you may practice blue plate service, wherein the entree and side dishes are all on one plate. You’re more inclined not to get second and third servings since no other plates of food are on the table except yours. 

Having all the food on the table can look festive and grand, but it will also tempt one into having more. So, it would be better for your health if you prepare the portions ahead so that everybody will eat just enough. 

2. Prepare Meals Ahead

One great meal plan is to have a high protein and low carb diet, and preparing this ahead will be excellent. It would be wise to research healthy meals from trustworthy sites and prepare something to last for several days. That way, you have something to heat up and not have an excuse to call your favorite fast food for delivery when it’s time to eat. 

Place the right portion in pantry storage containers and label them appropriately so you won’t forget. Organize these neatly on your fridge and place a note on your refrigerator door so you’re constantly reminded.

3. Use A Smaller Dinnerware

There’s a psychological effect when using an appropriately sized dinnerware. Because of the adage ‘clean your plate,’ most people follow this rule and consume everything they put on their plates. When your plate is smaller, even if you finish all of it, it would be much less than what you would typically eat, and you may feel full. 

It’s also a subtle intervention many restaurants practice, especially those managing their costs, so customers won’t immediately notice that their serving size got smaller. 

4. Share Your Dessert

There is something cute and romantic about sharing your food with the person you love. With sweets constituting most of the reasons people are obese, it’s better to split them instead of eating them yourself.

A large serving of brownie ala mode has 260 calories, mostly from fat and carbohydrates. That is already about a quarter of the calorie you will need for an entire day, and that’s just dessert. 

5. Split Your Meal In The Restaurant

As soon as your meal gets served, ask for a bag so you can put away half of the serving and bring it home to your dog; your furry friend will be so happy you set aside food for them. 

It’s an excellent way to control your portion when you eat out. Typically, the food in restaurants comes in large servings, probably suitable for two people. So, it would be prudent to take away the other half as soon as it’s served. 

6. Transfer Snacks To Smaller Bowls While Watching TV

When you’re in front of the television, you’re prone to munch food until the show is finished, not realizing you just consumed a giant bag of chips. To prevent this from happening, make it a rule not to eat directly from the bag. Instead, transfer the pack’s contents to smaller bowls or containers so you can enjoy watching and munching. 


You need to be accountable for controlling your food portion size, especially if you want to live longer. These, along with exercise and a healthy diet, are your responsibilities to your body. 

It is so easy to fall into the trap of reckless abandon with food because, for many people, food is comforting and not judgmental. But just looking at the lives of bed-bound individuals will wake many people to the sad reality that overeating can kill you.