Believe me or not, but aging and ultraviolet are far not the only causes of wrinkles and folds. There are a lot of ordinary things we do on a daily basis and even do not suspect what drastic impact they have on our skin and appearance. This is a list of 6 unexpected causes of fine lines and wrinkles you better avoid if you want to preserve your youth and beauty for a little bit longer.

1. Sleep Position

We spend one-third of all our life sleeping. That is why our sleep position matters and can provoke the early appearance of wrinkles and folds on the face, neck, and décolleté. The worst position ever is sleeping on the belly, and the best one – on your back. If you sleep on the side or belly, the skin gets crumpled, forming further deep wrinkles. Sleeping on the side is especially dangerous to the side of your neck. We understand that it is challenging to control yourself during sleep, so if you want to minimalize the harm during sleep, at least choose smooth material for the bed clothing. The best choice is natural silk, of course.

2. Drinking from a Straw

If you enjoy sipping your cocktails or fresh juices from a straw, do not surprise when you see deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth. The thing is that this area already takes an active part in facial expressions and movements such as speaking, eating, etc. The process of sucking in the liquid through the straw strains the orbicularis oris muscle (the ring-like muscle that surrounds the lips), causing deeper wrinkles that are difficult to get rid of.

3. Tech-Neck

The term relates to the process when you lower your head when, for example, checking your phone or tab. In this position, you wrinkle the neck so that with the time, it starts to look older. It can happen at any age, and even twenty years old people may have wrinkled neck if they spend too much time looking into their phones and other gadgets. How to get rid of fine lines on the neck? The first tip is to control your head position while reading or using your phone.

4. Weight Loss

When you lose weight, you expect to become beautiful as never before, but sometimes, it may happen that you get loose and wrinkled skin. Why? The skin was strained, and now, when the excessive fat layer has gone, it lacks volume, a supportive frame. And the more kilos you’ve lost, the looser skin will look. What to do? You may apply to a cosmetologist and inject deep wrinkle fillers that work or in more severe cases, go to a plastic surgeon and make a facelift.

5. Sugar

Sugar is harmful not just for gaining weight. This is the least evil. The truth is that it provokes a lot of diseases and troubles, where skin aging is one of the issues. It damages collagen and elastin, the main components in the skin tissues, responsible for its elasticity, hydration, and tone. If you cannot refuse from this food ingredient at all, limit it. Your organism, digestion system, and skin will thank you.

6. Rubbing

We touch our faces quite a lot and very rarely think about the consequences. But it is even worse when we rub it forward and backward, stretching the skin while rubbing our eyes after sleep, removing makeup, washing our faces, and even during the unprofessional facial massage. Stop rubbing the skin uncontrollably, be careful when removing the makeup, make sure you use effective makeup removals and do not abuse home care procedures if you are not professional in that. Otherwise, just dermal fillers would be able to correct the mistakes of your negligence.


Skin is a very thin matter, the skincare is a whole art, and your appearance is a reflection of your love and self-esteem. We do not say to turn youth and beauty into a cult to worship, but it would not bother you to refuse from sugar and drinking from a straw, controlling your head position while sitting with the phone, and rubbing the skin, especially around the eyes. But believe us, the results will be amazing. If it happened that for some reason, you already have the consequences of these misbehaviors, we recommend visiting the cosmetologist to consult about deep wrinkle fillers, and then adjust your skin routine and lifestyle.