You’re all probably bored listening and reading about how to live a long healthy life. You can perhaps even recite it by heart now. It’s “don’t eat junk food and exercise!” We’ve all heard that but it’s not very practical. We simply cannot give up on junk food and start running two hours a day with our busy schedule.

Does that mean we have to resign ourselves to die early and live an unhealthy life filled with disease? Certainly not. There are many ways to live healthily that a person living in the superfast-paced, toxic and stressful society of the 21st century can adopt. The following tips will help you live a healthy and long life, unless you become a victim of medical malpractice, in which case, contacting a medical malpractice attorney in Miami, FL is what you should do. Try to follow these tips as much as you can.

Don’t forget to get vaccinated

Prevention is the best cure. This is especially true when it comes to diseases. You can get any sort of disease at any point in your life because of any number of causes. It is not easy to evade all those causes. Not to mention, becoming obsessive with cleaning and germs is not going to help anyone. So, what can you do to avoid diseases? Get vaccinated. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you won’t ever get sick in your life again and some might even cause an allergic reaction in certain cases. But vaccination is your best bet at avoiding diseases, especially infectious diseases. It helps your body build immunity against serious and fatal illnesses.

Invest in good housekeeping

Do not take housekeeping for granted, especially when it comes to living healthy. A house reflects the lifestyle of its owner. If it’s dirty and sloppy, with laundry and dishes piled up and clutter everywhere. It means your body and mind are in similar condition. Taking time every day to clean up the house goes a long way towards healthy living. It gives you time to sort out your thoughts or solve problems. Not to mention, you’re not likely to get any diseases if you’re not living in a pigsty.

Adopt healthier coping mechanisms

It is unrealistic to tell people to not take stress or quit smoking and alcohol. These things are often coping mechanisms people develop to deal with their negative emotions. Saying that, they should “stay positive” is even more unrealistic. You can’t decide which emotion to feel and which to not. 

The best tip, therefore, is to adopt healthier coping mechanisms. If you have an oral fixation due to smoking, try sucking on candies. It tastes better at least. Playing a sport is also a good idea. Not only does it give you an outlet for your negative emotions, but it also strengthens your body. You can also try organizing stuff. It’s deeply satisfying. Choose anything that works for you, but is healthy.

Avoid stress by taking a break

If you can’t deal with stress in a healthy way, the only thing you can do is to not let it enter your life. It’s so much easy to get stressed in our lives. There are always tasks to accomplish and more pile up even before the last ones are finished. Most people don’t take a break until they’ve completed all of the work, which is impractical. The work is never-ending and you’re simply ruining your health, both physical and mental. 

That’s why take short breaks. Every few hours on work, get up from your desk, stretch a bit and have some tea. Do recreational stuff with your friends on weekends. Visit another city or country on holidays, etc.

Eat heartily

Living healthy doesn’t mean you have to live on green leaves. And everyone says to eat a well-balanced diet, which is a surprisingly hard concept to grasp. My advice is to eat heartily. Eat till you’re satisfied. Eating a fulfilling breakfast keeps you in a positive mood throughout the day. You don’t have to completely give up on junk food either. Just limit it to a minimum. 


You knew this was coming. No matter how typical it sounds, it is true that exercise is essential to living a long and healthy life. It improves your overall health, which further aids in avoiding diseases. You don’t have to do intense workout every day. Light exercises have the same effect on the body. Swimming, jogging or even going for walks every day keeps your body in good shape. The key here is to be consistent. Don’t skip exercise because it’s your birthday or Christmas or it’s raining.

In conclusion, don’t make big promises to yourself. Don’t make big lifestyle changes as well. You know you won’t be able to follow through them. Make small but consistent changes that don’t disrupt your life, only make it better. That, in my opinion, is the secret to living a long and healthy life.