There is no getting away from the ageing process. It happens to all of us as we go through the years and, while some of us are luckier than others, it always shows in those annoying lines on the face!

This applies not just to women; men age too, and more than ever before, men are getting heavily in to skin care routines.

What are the best ways to keep your skin looking fresh, young and healthy?

There are many things you can do – some involving creams and lotions, others using gadgets, and some that are just healthy living – so here’s our list of the 6 best ways to keep your skin looking younger.

1. Moisturize Regularly

Thismay sound like common sense, and in truth it is, but how often do you moisturise, and are you using the right products? Hydration is essential for healthy skin, but you might find one brand or product works better than others.

Check the label for the ingredients, and look for collagen and elastin boosters, plus silicone and hyaluronic acid.

These are ingredients that are active on the skin and will help you rid your face of wrinkles and stay looking young. Moisturise daily for the best results.

2. Stop Over-washing – It’s Not Helping!

Of course you want to wash your face regularly, but washing too often can have the opposite effect to that you want. Naturally, the skin contains oils, and soap and water – if used in excess – can remove these oils from the skin.

They can also cause irritation and rashes which you certainly want to avoid. Use gentle cleansing products rather than harsh soap, and try and wash your face no more than twice a day if possible.

3. Using The Latest Light Therapy Techniques

There are some methods of light treatment that can help keep your skin young and clear, and these include laser treatments.

These are applied professionally and take many sittings – and are usually only used in serious cases of skin problems – but there is one item we recommend you try if you want to keep your skin young.

This is an LED therapy mask, which has become an extremely fast growing industry.

By using special colors of the LED light spectrum, at home LED light therapy can give your skin a soothing touch that cleans into the deepest pores. Alongside being a pleasant, non intrusive device, it can also help you relax and in turn, help keep skin healthy.

Check them out, as they offer other benefits too.

4. Managing Stress

As mentioned above, stress is a problem that can have a serious physical effect on the skin.

Stress is also something that is very common in these days of busy and active lives where demands are placed on our time at home as well as at work.

Stress causes the body to react in ways that are not conducive to fresh and young skin.

You should do your best to avoid stressful situations; try reorganising your day so that the workload is not all on you. Ask family members to take on chores that you feel compelled to do, and take a walk every now and then.

A warm bath is a soothing experience, and you need to maintain a healthy and steady sleep pattern for the best possible life.

Take your time, and don’t rush – everything will still be there when you get there!

5. Change Your Diet

There are some foods that you should steer away from if you want the very best in young looking skin. Likewise, there are those that can help and should be part of your diet.

Before we talk about these, let’s remind you of the importance of hydration: drinking water is one way of keeping you suitably hydrated, and there are various suggestions as to how much you should drink.

9 cups a day seems to be about the norm, so try and achieve this.

Foods you should eat include fruit and veg that are high in beta-carotene and Vitamin A; citrus foods that are high in Vitamin C; foods with essential acids such as olive oil and walnuts.

Foods you should avoid are those that are high in fat and sugar. There are plenty of resources available to help you plan a healthy and enjoyable diet that will help your skin.

6. Live a Healthy Life

Our final tip is to live as healthy a life as you can.

Make sure you exercise – it doesn’t need to be serious, a regular walk, bike ride or swimming is sufficient and work out if you wish – and sleep well. If you smoke, stop as soon as you can, and keep alcohol in moderation.

Healthy lives lead to younger-looking skin, and the combination of a healthy diet, regular exercise, hydration and your moisturising and cleansing routines – as well as modern technology such as the LED therapy that can help keep you looking as young as you possibly can.