Staying fit is the latest bug that has bitten many. However, the presence of hectic schedules makes it very tough to balance jobs and workout sessions. This does not deter the plans of dedicated fitness freaks as they find out ways to combat the problem. Here we share with you 6 ways to lose weight in the shortest time possible.

Opt for natural supplements 

If you have a target weight loss to achieve and the time milestone is not much, you may think of consuming a supplement like Reduslim which can be ordered from this site. It purifies your body of all the toxins and helps you tone your body rather fast. So if it is a friend’s wedding that you wish to look good at, this supplement is where you should focus your attention. Having said that, it also improves your emotional well being, as a good figure makes you feel fulfilled and happy about it.

Workout with high intensity

If time is a constraint, you could also work on the intensity of the workouts. You could start with cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, or any other aerobic activity that you are comfortable with. Find a partner so that the whole process does not seem like a burden to you.

Estimate your calories 

It is beneficial if you keep an eye on the calories you are consuming every day. For every meal or snack if you calculate how much you are eating. Plus stock up on light items that are easy to munch on. This could include items like vegetable and fruit sticks or any low carb snacks. Just make sure you are not eating any high sugar items especially during late nights.

Drink loads of water

Water keeps you hydrated and makes you feel nourished despite working out. By drinking fluids, you reduce the chances of feeling demotivated after workouts. It is advisable to drink 17 to 20 ounces at least three hours before your workout and 8 ounces around 30 minutes after the workout is over.

Increase fiber consumption

A fiber-rich diet reduces the chances of you feeling constipated. It also absorbs water and moves slowly in your digestive tract so you feel full for a longer duration of time. This means that your chances of eating more reduce and thus whatever efforts you are making to reduce weight are more impactful.

Try intermittent fasting

A fairly new concept, intermittent fasting, it is a diet pattern where you take breaks between eating and fasting. It can be done daily or alternate day patterns purely depending upon your choice. However, before opting for this, read all the terms and conditions carefully so you do not make any mistakes.


Often we need to lose weight in a hurry and are confused about how to achieve it. Follow these simple tips to make sure that your weight loss is neither abrupt nor too slow. With all these tricks up your sleeve, the pounds would be gone even before you know it properly. When nothing works opt for a natural supplement like Reduslim to keep you recharged and reduce the weight.