There are many reasons why having a strong back is very important. Weak backs can lead to all kinds of physical issues like back pain, chronic discomfort, digestive issues, and loss of mobility. One in five Americans report problems with their backs and many of these issues could be solved by strengthening their back muscles and joints. In this article, we will explain 7 effective ways to strengthen your back, which will provide serious benefits for you.

1. Workout Your Back With Weights

The most obvious way to strengthen your back is to workout regularly using weights. There are many great exercises that focus on your back muscles and can provide significant improvements in strength, size, and muscle tone. Pull-ups, rows, lat pulldowns, and deadlifts all target the different muscles in your back and with consistent work, you can see great results. Start light and as you get stronger start increasing the weight you are lifting. Remember that you need protein to build muscle so to get the best results, pay close attention to your diet, especially your protein intake. Strengthening your back appropriately can also greatly assist with squatting properly.

2. Get Chiropractor Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is effective for strengthening your back and relieving any back pain that comes as a result of a weak back. Licensed chiropractors use a range of techniques for manipulating your spine and the joints and muscles in your back to promote good spinal health. The experts at explain that as well as fixing any back problems you have, your chiropractor will design a program of exercises that will significantly strengthen your back and improve your range of motion. This is great as it will increase the support that your back provides and help to overcome any issues that a weak back can cause like sciatica and arthritis. Chiropractic treatments help strengthen all the different muscles in your back, but particularly improve the strength in your lower back muscles.

3. Visit an Acupuncturist

One common misconception is that acupuncture is just getting needles stuck in different parts of your body, but qualified acupuncturists do far more than that. The first thing that they will do is check your posture, gait and the way you sleep as these can all lead to a weakened or overburdened back. Acupuncture utilizes a range of techniques, both traditional and modern to strengthen your back and loosen joints and muscles. Suction cups, needles, heat, and massage are all utilized which all results in a far stronger back and fewer issues like back pain or discomfort.

4. Undertake a Course of Physiotherapy

A licensed physiotherapist will first assess your overall fitness and then assess any particular issues that you have with your back. Weak backs are often the result of some underlying muscle or joint issue and a focused course of physiotherapy will be able to identify the cause of the issue and create an effective set of exercises to overcome it. Physiotherapy uses a range of methods from intense stretching routines to advanced mobility exercises. Physiotherapy can be a very intensive process, but the effects it can have on strengthening your back are tremendous. Backs are often weakened due to the effects of an injury, but a course of physiotherapy can help you strengthen your back and reclaim any lost mobility.

5. Join a Yoga Studio

Yoga is very effective in strengthening every part of our body and has been proven to do wonders for people with all kinds of back issues. Yoga significantly strengthens each individual muscle in the back and increases back flexibility and dexterity. There are so many muscle fibers in each area of our backs and yoga targets each one resulting in incredible holistic improvements in strength. The strengthened back that yoga creates in term provides great support to your neck, head, arms, and legs and so you feel better from head to foot. These days, you are never far from a yoga studio and you can feel immediate benefits, even after your very first session.

6. Do Back Stretches Every Night Before Bed

One very important factor that can lead to a weak back is a lack of spinal flexibility. Because inflexible people have such rigid spines, it exerts pressure unevenly, which causes weakness in our backs. Try 15 minutes of back stretches every night before bed and you will see significant improvements in flexibility and strength. It is good to do them before you sleep because it can reduce any aches and pains that you usually experience at night and which can affect your sleep. 

A strong back is absolutely vital if our spines are to provide us with the support that we need. Quite often a weak back manifests itself in back pain and discomfort and so it is important to listen to your body. Try out the methods laid out in this article and you will see some serious improvements in the strength of your back.