More often than not, hectic schedules will force you to sacrifice your exercise routine and healthy diet. But, fortunately, you can buy kitchen gadgets that will help you maintain a healthy diet, no matter what your daily schedule or eating habits.

Such gadgets are ideal not just for those who have a busy schedule, but also for those who want to have a healthy lifestyle. These appliances have functions and features that enable you to cook nutritious food conveniently and effectively, making healthy eating easier.

Below are some of the best gadgets you can use to maintain a healthy diet:

1. Blender

You can choose any type of blender you want for your diet needs. 

Vegetable and fruit smoothies are popular these days, especially for those who want to maintain their health. This is the reason why many people use blenders to quickly and easily make smoothies. 

However, blenders are not just limited to smoothies. There are also powerful blenders that can dice and slice fruits or vegetables in seconds. To determine the capacity of a blender, check its motor and horsepower.

If you love making blended cocktails and smoothies, choose a countertop blender. You can find the best countertop blenders on ConsumerJar.

2. Slow Cooker

If you do a lot of activities daily, such as taking your kids to school, doing chores, and going to work, you probably don’t have enough time to make healthy home-cooked meals. With a slow cooker, you can prepare your meals in advance. This gadget will let you enjoy home-cooked meals as soon as you get home, which can help you maintain your healthy diet since you don’t need to order fast food.

When using any kind of slow cooker, you have to know the best meals that work with it. Planning for your meals can make a difference. Aside from that, you should also know the settings and capacity of your slow cooker to avoid any problems when cooking.

3. Steamer

One of the healthiest ways to prepare food is steaming. This process works like boiling but involves oils or fats. Unlike boiling, steaming is less likely to dissolve the flavors of your ingredients. A good quality steamer will make it easier for you to prepare tasty and nourishing dishes.

4. Oil Mister

When cooking, you might overuse oils that contain high calories or high fat. To achieve a healthy diet, you should know how to control your consumption of oil and an oil mister can help you with this. 

Oil misters utilize air pressure when turning oil to mist, which only produces a thin coat of oil on pans or any food. The good thing about an oil mister is that it will let you add perfect flavors to your dish.

5. Air Fryer

You don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite fried food to enjoy the benefits of healthy eating. There is a way to enjoy fried food healthily, and that is through using an air fryer. 

As the name suggests, an air fryer cooks your food with hot air. Moreover, an air fryer lets you cook any fried food with less oil than the traditional way of frying food. Often, you only have to add a tablespoon of oil to your food and the air fryer will do the job for you. Since air fryers are new in the market, most of these gadgets come with recipes that you can try at home.

6. Food Scale

Portion control is very important to eating healthy and maintaining a healthy diet. Unfortunately, not all people are aware of the importance of portion control, and some people don’t have a clue about serving sizes. 

According to the American Heart Association, taking control of portion sizes is crucial in healthy eating. A food scale can help you measure and weigh your servings or ingredients while cooking or before eating. While you don’t always need to use a food scale, portion control can be an effective way to manage how much food you eat every day.

7. Juicer

Juicing can also play a vital role in maintaining a healthy diet. A juicer allows you to make the most out of the nutritional benefits of vegetables and fruits. This gadget can squeeze out the juice of any produce you have at home while maintaining the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals of your favorite fruits and vegetables. One of the best juices you can include with your healthy diet plan is celery juice.


Maintaining a healthy diet is now easier with the many kitchen gadgets available in the market. However, you can only succeed with healthy eating if you combine your efforts with pure dedication and commitment to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Discipline and healthy habits will complement these kitchen gadgets so you can achieve positive results. For this reason, make sure to use these gadgets with your health goals in mind.