Wakesurfing and wakeboarding are enjoyable water activities. While they are thrilling and you should try them, it is vital to know that both are physically demanding. You are required to be at a certain level of fitness before trying out either of them.

While wakeboarding and wakesurfing, you will be met with several physically demanding scenarios. One of which concerns the tow rope. Keeping a hold of the tow rope means your arms will be kept static in draining positions for long periods. When it is not, you would have to twist and turn and even throw the rope from one hand to another or hold the rope with both hands. Getting up on the board is another scenario that requires some level of fitness. To get up on the board, you’ll need to be strong at your core.

Exercises that will improve your skills

Here are some routine exercises that wakeboarding professionals on this website think your wakeboarding and wakesurfing skills will benefit from:

1. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an underrated powerful, and effective exercise routine. It is cheap too, with the equipment for this exercise costing as little as $20, which is for high-quality ropes. You don’t have to head over to a gym to carry out this routine. You can find a space in your home and skip away.  You can do it by sticking to a position, or you can make things more intense by moving around at the same time, further working out your legs and thighs.

Jumping rope’s main benefit comes in the calorie section. It is excellent for burning calories. You can burn off the calorie accrued from eating a whole candy bar by spending 15-20 minutes jumping rope. The amount of calories you would burn from jumping rope is so impressive; it would take you an 8-minute mile run to achieve the same result.

Jumping rope strengthens the core muscles, which is an excellent feature you will need to successfully wakeboard and wakesurf. Start with tw0-footed jumps, and repeat it 50 times at a relaxed pace. Reduce it to 25 one-footed jumps but up the intensity. End the session with ten double unders.

2. Frog Jump

Seeing as you will be on your feet for long spells while wakesurfing or boarding, your legs have to be healthy.  Frog jumps focus on the legs and help work out your cores too.

Assume a squatting position, getting down as low as you can. Put your hands in front of you and let go of the springs holding you down. While in the air, tap your heels and repeat that sequence for as long as you can. Start by doing it ten times, then work your way up.

3. Pull-Ups

Do you want to be able to pull off all the skills and tricks you see other people do in those wakeboarding and wakesurfing videos you spend a lot of time watching? You can, too, if you have the upper body strength. Pull-ups are good exercise procedures that can help you build up your upper body strength. When you do pull-ups, ensure you get your chin over the bar and when you go down, retain control of your movement as that helps to tighten your muscles healthily.

Pull-ups increase your arm strength and improves your grip.

4. Pole Climb

The pole climb – which you can substitute for a rope climb, is among the best workout procedures to improve upper body strength and grip. It will help you hold the tow rope with so much ease and enhance your surfing skillfulness with it.

When you pole climb, do so with both hands, hold onto the new height with one arm, then reach out to another height with the freehand pulling up together with both hands once again.

5. Plank

Planks exercise you at your core, and that is what you need to spring up onto the board. Lie on your elbows kept apart—Time yourself. Start slow, and increase how long you stay in that position.

6. Frog Jumps (Angled)

This is similar to the frog jump routine but with a twist. Perform the regular frog jumps but at a 45-degree angle. This way, your body will be able to make twisting motions while wakeboarding or wakesurfing. Your landings will improve too.

7. Swimming

Swimming strengthens your joints and also gets you accustomed to the motion of wading through water.


There is no doubt that wakeboarding and wakesurfing can be a lot of fun, especially for experts and enthusiasts. This article has discussed some exercises that can improve your skillsets for the activities.