Looking yourself in the mirror, you wish you could offload the extra pounds you have recently gained. You are probably thinking of the fastest way to lose weight without breaking a sweat. Instant results that leave your body glowing like the weight gain never happened. Now stop wishing. Do something about it. That weight won’t lose itself and the reality is that it’s going to be a journey you will have to commit time to. You can already see the results of your lean body and those thought brings out your smile. That’s the first step to healthy weight loss. Picture yourself lean and healthy then commit to a regime.

The safe way is the best way. There are some risks involved in instant weight loss regimes and you should avoid these “lose weight quick” plans. Losing those extra pounds can be achieved, and you will have a healthy body if you follow these pointers. All you have to do is regulate your consumption and increase physical activities for a certain period and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier you.

Lose weight by counting your calories

The natural law of losing weight fast is by monitoring the number of calories you consume and shed. This tact is called ‘counting calories’ where you lose weight by making sure you use more calories than you gain. You can lose calories by reducing your intake of the foods you eat and expend them through increasing your physical activity. Most people will argue that this is not a sustainable way to lose weight, but if combined with other methods and modifications in your lifestyle it becomes extremely effective.

Counting calories will aid you to make sound decisions with regards to your diet and overall health.

Increase your water intake

It is true that drinking more water can result in weight loss. If you increase your water intake, especially after meals, it enhances your metabolism temporarily by up to 30%. This makes your body burn calories faster. People who drink water before taking their meals often end up reducing their consumption of calories due to their feeling us fullness. No matter what angle you look at it, water keeps you from adding calories in your body and is a healthy way to lose those extra pounds. Drinking water before meals is also associated with loss of appetite which results in a low-calorie intake.

Eat more protein

Change your diet to include more proteins. High levels of protein in your meals can induce a lack of appetite as it gives you a full effect which makes you reduce the number of calories you consume. Proteins are known to reduce ghrelin, a hormone that is associated with the stimulation of hunger. Proteins can be found in your everyday meals such as eggs, meat, poultry, seeds, certain nuts and seafood.

You have to cut down on carbs

If your consumption of carbs is high, you should consider reducing the amount you consume daily. A high intake of carbs leads to increased body fat and weight gain because carbs get digested and absorbed fast by your digestive system. It makes you feel hungry faster than you would if your diet was protein rich.

Whether to consume whole grain or refined grain also determines the weight you lose. Refined grains like white bread, cereals, pasta, and products that have been packaged should be replaced with foods like barley and whole grains like brown rice. This will have an impact on the number of calories you consume.

Increase your fiber consumption

The advantage of increasing fiber goes beyond having a healthy body; fiber gets digested slowly as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract. This keeps your stomach full for a longer time as the emptying process of your stomach also takes time. Fiber helps in weight control as it reduces the urge to eat again. This tact is useful if you prefer dieting over physical activities.

Get physical

The company you hang out with will influence the speed you achieve your goals. Through plenty of physical exercise, you stand to lose weight and get results as you increase your muscle and burn fat. It may prove difficult to find motivation for some exercises and physical challenges if you are alone, but if you involve the right company, you stand to gain morale and training can be fun.

Physical activities should include resistance training. Resistance training makes your body work against a heavy object making your body develop endurance as you gain muscle and strength. Weight lifting burns your calories fast because of the increase in your metabolism. It will also burn your body fat leaving you with a healthy body. Physical exercise could be as simple as include cardio in your routine. Cardio involves aerobic exercises which are known for increasing your heart rate and strengthening your lungs.

Have quality sleep

Remember discipline is the key to losing weight. Following all the above principles with enough discipline will yield the best results. Some of the elements in this regime will leave your body worn out and getting quality sleep will help you recover for the next day. Create a sleep schedule that allows your body to heal itself. Sleeping up to seven hours nightly is highly recommended. Lack of sleep triggers hunger hormones, and you will end up consuming more calories while awake. Developing a healthy body is not about all work as many think. Getting an equal amount of rest is significant for you to lose the extra pounds.

The secret to having a healthy body that you are proud of is remaining focused all through the diet regime and keeping healthy company. Take into account all the food you consume and keep track of the calories you take in. Eating healthy and exercising regularly should keep your body glowing and toned.

As the HealthyBody Company says, we are what we eat, and our bodies are a reflection of what we eat. Keeping your diet healthy and drinking a lot of water in addition to body fitness through physical activities will keep our bodies healthy.