Everyone wants to be healthier, but it is often hard to begin because there is so much contradicting information out there. Depending on the week and which “specialist” you follow, something that is good for you now, will be dangerous to your health the next week.

One item you can’t go wrong with is a product sourced from an all-natural ingredient. Different countries set different standards for what they consider nutritious and healthy. In the debate over alcohol vs kava, which is often enjoyed much like alcohol in many countries, kava proves to have a more natural core.

Alcohol is a mix of natural and synthetic components. Kava is an all-natural compound used for centuries in rituals, religious ceremonies, and to promote good health. Both can provide a “calming” feeling, although alcohol can impair a person’s ability to think clearly and act appropriately.

Here are 7 natural products to bring you great health and wellness.

1. Mushroom Infused Coffee

There are several different brands of coffee infused with mushrooms for taste, immune support and focus. This type of coffee is created with about half the caffeine as a typical coffee. The mushrooms, usually Chaga and Lion’s Mane, are added to help boost your immune system.

This coffee tastes more like a regular cup of coffee and not like mushrooms. The addition of the Lion’s Mane is to help support better memory and the Chaga mushroom is known for having high levels of antioxidants.

2. Activated Charcoal

There are many ways to boost your health with activated charcoal. One benefit is to your teeth. A toothpaste which contains activated charcoal, along with coconut oil, will whiten and brighten your teeth over a short period of time. 

Although charcoal is a jet-black substance, it will help to whiten even the yellowest and dullest of teeth. Most of these types of toothpastes are manufactured as fluoride free as well as free from peroxide, parabens and triclosan.

3. Caffeine Free Energy Boosting Drinks

These drinks are designed to boost your energy and help focus your brain without the side effects of too much caffeine. Non-caffeine beverages are made with a combination of vitamins, green tea extract, various organic berries and contains no sugars, no GMOs and is BPA and gluten free.

These types of drinks are easier on your system and help you maintain a level amount of energy. Most of the caffeinated drinks will have you flying high and then just as quickly, crash and having to deal with extreme tiredness.  

4. Seaweed Snacks

Seaweed is rich in nutrients helps with a person’s metabolic activity, their thyroid function, clearer skin and many other healthful roles. Many of the manufacturers of this deep-sea snack, have managed to come up with a recipe that actually makes this dark plant taste great. 

The mix of fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals makes this the ultimate in skin care food. It helps to keep your skin moist and calm, which translates into fewer breakouts and a healthy glow.

5. Allergy Supplements

If you are like millions of people, you suffer from occasional or seasonal allergies. A small percent of the population is allergic to most indoor and outdoor pollutants and need relief on a daily basis. 

There are now safe and all-natural formulas of allergy medications created with various plants and herbs. These are designed to block the enzyme that causes the allergic reaction.

Most all-natural allergy suppressants are created with some combination of the following:

Platycondon Root – Helps to relieves itching, remove mucus, and may contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Wild Chrysanthemum Flower – Contains cooling properties that will help with swollen throats and Lymph nodes, as well as severe headaches. It is also a natural detoxifier.

Anemarrhena – This is used to nourish and cool nasal passages and also as a cough suppressant.

Magnolia Flower – The buds of this fragrant flower from the magnolia tree are used to combat nasal discharge, rhinitis, sinusitis and generally opens the nasal passages for easier breathing.

This is another one of those natural headache healing botanicals when taken at the right time.

Phellodedron Bark – This herb aids in detoxification of the entire body as well as part of a natural kidney support. 

Angelica Root – This type of plant helps to alleviate the face and head pain that often accompanies sinusitis. May also help with nasal congestion.

Ledebouriella Root – This plant’s roots are one of the best at relieving red, dry, itchy eyes and noses. It also contains mild anti-inflammatory properties.

Forsythia Fruit – This plant contains cooling properties that will help with a sore throat, help detoxify the body and relieve a swollen throat and a headache.

Schizonepeta Stem – This plant contains a chemical compound similar to caffeic acid and menthol, both used in the relief of itchy eyes and nose. It will also drain and transform phlegm into something easier to express.

Licorice Root – This herb works in conjunction with many of the other plants and roots to moderate the function of the lungs. An organ that can get clogged up and cause severe issues when it comes to colds and asthma.

6. Sleep Aids

There are many natural sleep aids on the market today. Lack of quality sleep seems to be a major complaint for most people in today’s world.

Many of the natural supplements on the market today are made from plant extracts and contain a drug-free melatonin. Melatonin is considered one of the best all-natural sleep aids that do not cause daytime drowsiness the next day. 

7. Alkaline Water

There are several different brands of alkaline water on the market today. Individuals are drinking this type of water to help balance their pH levels, also known as acidity levels.

Although it hasn’t been backed by science, many people swear by this drink to help them boost their metabolism, help their body absorb nutrients better and most of all, neutralize too much acid in their systems.

If you are looking for something to add to your daily diet, these items can help boost what you are already doing. Like with any new product you add to your daily routine, you may want to check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough for these natural additives.