Love your usual workout but sometimes feel like you would like to mix it up a bit and try something new? These new fitness classes below are becoming more popular so check out if there is one in your area for a very different kind of workout.

1. Aqua Zumba

Yep it’s Zumba meets aqua aerobics. Like other Zumba classes the instructor will breakdown the dance steps and you follow on with the instructor only in the pool. It’s an awesome low impact workout for all fitness levels and super fun. Some traditional aqua aerobic moves are combined with fun dance steps for a big Zumba pool party!

2. Tabata

A form of high intensity interval training (HIIT), Tabata is actually an exercise developed in the 70’s for Japanese Olympians. It’s all about short fixed time periods of super intense exercise followed by either less intense periods or complete rest.
Benefits include:
• Easy to fit into a busy schedule, less time needed for the same or better results;
• Good for your heart and builds muscle so you are only loosing fat; and
• No specialist equipment needed and can be done anywhere.

All you need to do is pick any cardio activity such as running or cycling. I like to use a skipping rope. Go as hard as you can, 100%, hard enough to feel like you couldn’t possibly do even one more for 20 seconds only. Then take 10 seconds to rest and repeat 7 times. That’s only 4 minutes of workout for apparently amazing results.

3. Barre Workouts


Want a way to train those muscles you didn’t even know existed especially around you butt, legs & core? Then this is the class for you. A mix of ballet and Pilates with a dash of yoga, barre conditioning is a challenging workout that’s kind on your body and joints. No dance experience needed and you can totally have two left feet and get so much out of this class. This one is definitely a FULL BODY workout and can be challenging at all fitness levels. It also really helps you increase flexibility and endurance which can really help you excel at your other activities and sports.

4. SurfSet Fitness

All the fitness benefits of surfing without even getting your feet wet. These classes involve moving surfboards that challenge your body, developing a super strong core and creating a lean toned surfer physique. This workout is not only so much fun but also helps you work on your balance and flexibility as well as fat burning and muscle strengthening.

5. Aqua Spinning


Spin classes are a mean workout and super popular. I’m sure you have tried one of the more traditional spin classes. But has you tried a spin class in the pool? Not likely. Also known as underwater cycling these workouts are great for all fitness levels and are much softer on your joints than a regular spin class. Aqua spin classes are also great fun for everyone no matter what your experience level and provide a cardio benefit just like the land version. Remember water has 12 times the resistance of air.

6. Trampolining


One of the most fun workout classes you can do, bring back your inner child and start trampolining. These are an intense workout however you will be having so much fun you will forget that your actually working super hard! Working out on a trampoline is good for your balance, coordination and burns a stack of calories per hour. It’s a low impact yet intense exercise for your muscles and can be a great stress reliever! You will have to give this one a go!!

7. Aerial Yoga

The new yoga craze taking the world by storm is aerial yoga. Think Cirque du Soleil fabric hammocks or swings that are used to help you get into those more challenging yoga poses. It combines all the best from yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics and is a total body workout!! It’s a great stress reliever as along with all the benefit of a usual yoga class its super fun! It’s also great for anyone with back issues and helps you to increase strength and flexibility.

Do you have a favorite workout that we may not have heard of? We would love to hear from you so let us know in the comments below.


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