Regular evening routines are essential for kids and especially when performed a few minutes before bedtime. Just like adults, kids do encounter many troubling things in the course of the day and these could easily follow them up to bed at night.

Whether it is that scary cartoon or the bully in school, these could translate into situations that make them feel insecure. However, practicing yoga before bedtime can help your kids feel secure and safe.

There are many reasons why it is important to practice kids yoga before bedtime and here are some of them: –

Helps reduce stress

Kids can be stressed and this could affect their growth and concentration in life. However, practicing yoga before bedtime could help reduce stress associated with all the things they encounter during the day including the heavy load of school work, homework and other activities. Yoga can be used to empty this stress thus preventing against accumulation with time.

It helps them sleep relaxed

One of the benefits of a stress-free mind is that it helps one sleep comfortably and in a relaxed mood. This is not only true for adults but also works for kids. As your kids let go of the stress in their mind using yoga before bedtime, it will be easy for them to sleep soundly and relaxed without nightmares and troubling dreams.

It calms them mentally and physically

There is a lot of energy in kids and this can be amazing to both see and experience. However, this energy could also affect their sleeping habits thus preventing them from getting sufficient sleep in line with the body’s requirements. Kids also have a lot of thoughts running through their young minds and these normally race around even at night.

If not calmed, the thoughts and physical energy can affect their sleep and even result to an abnormal lifestyle. Kids yoga before bed can help calm the body and the mind but you should choose actions and postures which are focused on doing this. Bedtime yoga will slow their thoughts and energy thus preparing them to sleep.

It gets them ready for the following day

Having an evening routine can largely affect how kids face the following day. Just like adults, kids can take some time to create their goals for the next day during yoga sessions. During the routine, you can encourage a habit in your kids thus giving then insight or intention to look forward to the following day.

For example, you could encourage gratitude during the yoga session before bedtime and this will help them face the next day with a positive outlook.

It encourages positive habits

Having a nighttime routine can greatly help your kids grow up with a healthy habit and this they’ll carry all through to their adult life. When kids practice yoga before bedtime and do it regularly, it will help them start the journey of developing healthy routines, both physically and emotionally. These will become a part of their live even as they grow up.

It’ll help boost their confidence and self-esteem

Yoga for kids before bedtime or at any other time can help build confidence and self-esteem. This in return will help them face life with a positive mentality and find their place in the world. Yoga will also offer the kid some necessary tools to practice strength, flexibility, mindfulness and focus as it strengthens their body and minds.

It helps build concentration and focus

Yoga routines can help develop concentration and focus in kids as it does to adults. Practicing the different yoga poses/asanas can help the kids clear their minds thus helping motivate them more. This could in return help them perform well in school and achieve higher grades.


There are some yoga poses for kids and these practiced well will prove helpful with time. If you believe in yoga, you can help your children practice the same also before bedtime and see the effects.

Molly Garner is a freelance writer at best Memory Foam mattress topper. She also writes about health fitness and shares amazing tips to maintain and rebuild good health. Molly’s mission is to help people get energized and achieve healthy life so they can concentrate on the important things in life.