Fitness is not just about exercising. It’s so much more than that! Fitness is a habit, a lifestyle, a method of synchronizing the body and mind to maintain a healthy life.

Now you might ask if this comes easy and without a cost.

Certainly not! It demands proper education, nutrition, discipline, training, motivation and determination to stay fit. That’s quite a long list!

Anyway, if you’re already into fitness, you might have been through days when hitting the gym itself becomes the most difficult task out of all those mentioned in the previous list. I am sure you would agree to this and if you’re reading this article then I am pretty sure that you’re looking out for an alternate.

So that’s what we will be discussing in here. Is going to the commercial gym always the right decision for you or should you have your own gym?

Here are seven important reasons to have your own gym instead.

1. Save Time

Sometimes, you might have lesser time than usual to finish off with your workout and the reasons could be anything. Now, if you have to commute for a good 20 minutes to reach the gym only to find that the gym is surprisingly crowded or you might not get a spot for the equipment you need. With your home gym, these deterrents can be kept at bay not to interfere with your training and you can finish of quick and get started with your day.

2. Save Money

With home gym, you can definitely save money in the longer run. An expensive gym membership at a distant gym might give you access to better equipment but fighting for a spot to use one of those is not worth the money or the time. Again, what if you don’t need/use all those equipment but end up paying for those anyway? With a cheap gym membership there can be challenges with the collection of equipment or a crowd to wait for your turn. Not worth the money, isn’t it? With home gym you might only want to spend initially on that equipment which you would use regularly and later purchase more when you progress to advanced training level.

3. Environment & Privacy

In a commercial gym, the environment might be weird for you to comfortably complete your training. Privacy is a rare commodity in such places. With you home gym you could even wear whatever you want and also tune into your favorite music in high volume and get yourself in the mood to train real hard without anyone’s interference.

4. Better workout

With your private home gym, you can decide what equipment to use, when to use and what exercise to perform etc. All such flexibilities will result in an overall better workout and could still save some time than going to a gym. Additionally, you could follow your favorite trainer’s video and train accordingly which suits your regime.

5. Hygiene

Who would like to deal with sweat patches on the equipment left by the previous person who used those? Forget about a healthy physique and deal with people who care less about basic hygiene. This is not something you want regularly to deal with. With your private home gym, you can keep all your equipment clean and maintain overall hygiene or else you will either skip that exercise or somehow get done with your reps and end up feeling disgusted the whole time at the gym.

6. Convenience & Customization

With your home gym you can have all the convenience you need. You can just walk out of your bed and start training if you want. No more excuse on bad weather or long commuting time or kids being at home etc. For customization, you can purchase equipment which can be worked for multiple purposes. For example, a gym might have separate dumbbells with different weights but you could buy one which allows you to replace weight discs with varying weight group.

7. Focus & Concentration

In a commercial gym, there can be number of reasons to get distracted. There can be someone trying to look huge after a single rep and act funny or there can be somebody doing weird stuffs with wrong techniques and worse when someone starts observing you and comes forward to enlighten you with some personal tips etc. With your home gym, you can keep your focus on your training and concentrate on yourself to make your workout more effective and productive.

To give you some market perspective as published in here, the global fitness equipment market is supposed to be valued over 15500 Million US $ by 2026 with cardiovascular training equipment segment contributing to the most revenue generation (not a surprise due to the increasing obesity in people) followed by strength training equipment.

To conclude, these are some of the top reasons to get your own gym at home. Now you can bid goodbye to your excuses and ill habits, get serious with your training and start living a healthy life ahead.