It can be very annoying if your partner snores during your sleep time. If they snore, it means you can lose up to an hour of sleep time and you don’t get your proper sleep. You probably know how valuable a good night sleep is and how it affects your daily life and that losing an hour of sleep time make various problems; both mental and physical. You must sleep well though your partner’s snoring, but this is not easy. We’re here with some tips so you can fulfill your much needed good night sleep. Kick Snoring Out Of Bed™

1. Use An Adjustable Bed

When the air circulation of the body gets blocked between the nose and the lungs, it creates snoring. The blockage triggers out tissue vibration and as a result, an individual starts snoring. But if they lie down straight and keep their head about 6 inches higher than the body, then the air circulation will flow nicely. As a result, they won’t snore.

Adjustable beds use adjustable bed frames so you can raise any portion of the bed easily. Additionally, it will let you sleep in your favorite position. So, use an adjustable bed so that your partner’s snoring can be reduced and you have a perfect sleep.

2. Roll Your Partner Over

If your partner lies down on their back then the tongue collapses to their throat’s back wall resulting in snoring. So, roll your partner over gently onto the other side. This will stop their snoring. Wedge a pillow against their back snugly to make sure that they won’t revert to the previous position.

3. Change The Pillows

People who have allergies most likely have snoring problems too. The nasal passages get congested regularly and as a result, they start snoring. Sometimes pillow covers contain dust and some covers really trigger their allergies. So, you should choose good pillows and clean them regularly. It’s recommended to change the pillows in every 6 months if one has allergies.

Note: There are anti-snoring pillows available on the market. You may try that for your partner.

4. Get A Bigger Bed:

If you and your partner share a tiny bed, then you both face space problems during sleep. And if your partner starts snoring, then it’s just impossible to get some sleep! So, you should get a bigger bed for you because if you do so, then you’ll get extra space between you both and will able to spread out easily.

Additionally, facing your partner’s snoring in a bigger bed is less annoying than facing it in smaller one.  So, get a bigger bed and enjoy your sleep.

5. Choose A Comfortable Mattress

When a person feels uncomfortable while sleeping, it can also create snoring. So using a good mattress can solve this issue. So, if you don’t have a comfortable mattress, you may try a more comfortable one to get rid of this. You should look at the mattress dimensions too because you should have a bigger bed as mentioned earlier.

6. Use Earplugs

Using earplugs is an effective and cheap way to sleep while your partner is snoring. Use a good earplug set during the night to prevent your partner’s snoring sounds from reaching your ears.

7. Advise to Avoid Alcohol Before Sleep:

The human body relaxes when it is asleep. But anybody who drinks alcohol before they sleep makes their muscles relax further; which is not good. Because, if the throat muscles relax too much, then the tongue falls backwards into the airways. As a result, they start snoring. So advise your partner to avoid alcohol to get rid of this problem and enjoy a sweet sleep.