The body is one’s main capital in life. May it be in education, career, or family role – nothing gets done without the presence of a capable body. Therefore, it is important and deserves wellness and care. After all, a healthier body means better productivity. The following steps below might at first seem hard to follow. But if you want to go for it, all these will become part of a good lifestyle you will want to have before you know it. The list below is by no means complete, but it contains those of high importance – the basics.

  1. Want it. Having a healthy body will not be an easy task especially if you’re used to eating anything that comes into mind, sleeping only when you feel like it, and not exercising as much as you should. You will have to exert effort and change a lot of habits, remove the bad ones and add some good choices. In order to carry on with the must-dos, you must have a reason for achieving a healthy body. You must have something in mind that you will think of when you feel like giving up the change. Imagine yourself being more fit, more productive, and better as a whole if you keep a healthy lifestyle. Or whatever you want to achieve by having one, hold on to that and keep that as your motivation. It always begins with a change of mind and then a change of lifestyle.
  2. Water yourself up. Water is an important component of the body for it to function well. If eight glasses are too much for you as a starter, you can begin with six glasses a day and try to increase it bit by bit. Hydrate yourself and you will see the wonders of a better skin complexion, less sickliness, and more energy to move and sweat out.
  3. Keep moving. Your body is designed to move. If there is time to stay still sleeping, there should also be time for moving. You take in food, and that requires some burning. Jog in the morning or just walk. It would be better if you can go to the gym, but it would be wise to have your personal exercise partner at home. 30 minutes a day is not bad. Go search up the internet for exercise guides and get yourself on track.
  4. Rest enough. Sleeping is the time for you to regain your lost energy during the day. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, and you’ll wake up with a bright mood. According to studies, the earlier you rest, the more your body can regenerate. So try to go to bed 30 minutes earlier than your usual sleeping time, and wake up 30 minutes later than your usual waking time. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too hard.
  5. Eat smart. Know what to and what not to eat. Just as the basics tell us, have more protein to keep you from needless cravings. That would mean less carbs and fat that add much to our body weight. Avoid food that is difficult to digest, as well as unhealthy choices. It is much better to eat at home, where fewer additives invade our food. Eat less fast food and more vitamin filled intakes. Being healthy need not be expensive. In fact, green veggies are healthier than instant meals that are sometimes more expensive than the former. When craving a snack, try to get yourself some fruit. Fruit has so much water stored in its flesh and will keep you full the healthy way. To make sure that you have all the vitamins and minerals you need, supplement your meals with guaranteed all-natural products such as Spirulina to add to your nutritional intake. Nutritional supplements derived from superfoods like blue green alga is also a great way to boost your health.
  6. Condition yourself. There are ways in which you can naturally condition your body and mind. Hugging someone you love increases the production of happy hormones in our body that lightens up the mood.
  7. Start now. It’s always easier to procrastinate. But because you want this, there is no better time to start than today. The trick is, do not think of it as a drastic change to your lifestyle or as a very hard task. See it as a gradual change, and it will eventually sink in to you bit by bit.

Everyone can try to have a healthy lifestyle, but only those who are willing to will get it. Again, it is hard but it is worth the patience and effort. If you could, then why not? With a healthier body, you can be a better you.

Patrick | BRI Nutrition