With the modern lifestyle being what it is, it’s no wonder barely anyone feels like they have the time to work out and stay fit. Between jobs, kids, and spending time with friends and family, there’s only so many hours in the day and they’re all being used. It’s time you left behind the excuses though and followed these 7 tips to fit exercise in your busy work routine. 

Get Up a Bit Earlier 

The easiest way to get in some exercise is to just get up a bit earlier. If you’re too tired to exercise at the end of the day, then consider getting it done first thing in the morning. That way, you know you’ve done some exercises and don’t have to worry about doing them later. Exercising also releases endorphins so you’ll start your day off on a natural high ready to tackle anything work can throw at you. 

Take the Stairs 

Taking the stairs can be surprisingly good exercise. Avoid using the elevator as much as you can both at work and at home. Going up and down stairs on a regular basis gives you a great cardio workout, burns through calories, and works your leg muscles all at the same time. It can also save you some time depending on how quick you are. You could walk to the floor you need by the time the elevator gets there. 

Put it in Your Schedule 

Don’t think there’s room in your schedule to exercise? Check again. As a professional, you know putting something in your schedule means you’re more likely to do it. That also applies to exercise. Find time in your schedule for a bit of exercise and make an appoint with yourself to do it. Not only are you more likely to stick to your exercise, but if you put it in a family planner it means others know to expect you won’t be around so they should take care of themselves. 

Have a Quick Workout at Lunch 

A great way to get some exercise in during working hours is to take a quick walk during lunch. Instead of eating lunch at your desk you can head out to the local park. If the weather isn’t too good or you don’t feel like going out, you can still do some exercise at your desk. There’s no harm in taking a dumbbell or two to work so that you can do a little strength training when you get some downtime. 

Turn Your Commute Into Exercise 

Do you really have to take the bus, train, or car to work? Could you get away with walking to work? Even if you can’t walk all the way to work and back, you can still find a way to fit some exercise into your commute. Consider getting off the train or bus a stop or two early, or parking further away from work. This gives you the opportunity to take a small walk which will burn calories – not to mention burn off steam – before getting to work. 

Take a Fitness Class 

If you have a bit more time – but still not enough to spend a few hours a day at the gym – then you can consider taking a fitness class or two during the week. Show up ahead of time and leave when the workout is over. It’s easier than you think to fit something like that into your day given that most exercise classes are around 45-60 minutes long. You could also consider to hire online fitness coaches that will take care of your schedule, diet and programming.

Don’t be a Couch Potato 

Watching TV is not just a great way to relax and unwind, but also a good way to sneak in some exercises. Do some jumping jacks or other exercises during the commercials to stay fit. Binge watching something on Netflix so there are no commercials? Well, nothing is stopping you from getting up anyway and doing some squats or planks as the show is running. 


There’s a surprising amount of ways to get in a workout if you know where to look. These stealth workouts can be found all over the place. Wake up a little earlier; take the stairs when you can; walk to work or just get off a stop early; exercise while watching TV or eating lunch; find time for a fitness class. There really is no excuse to not find even ten minutes a day for something short, sweet, and simple.