When you start a personal journey on social media, your first thought is how to build an Instagram audience and it is imperative that you view yourself as a brand. The content you post, no matter how personal, will still be public as you will be sharing it with your followers. You will need to identify the direction or the path you wish to take, and try to be consistent with it, though you will not be limited if you are doing it just for fun and for your fulfillment. The website Quantum Marketer can help you kick start this journey, by helping you set up a good account, and guide you along towards growing your Instagram account. Here are seven ways that you can use to get you going.

Create a Good Bio

Once you open up your Instagram account, you start by creating a good and attractive bio. This is the front office to build an Instagram audience. It should have a nice profile picture, a little information about yourself, and maybe an inspirational quote or a personal mantra. Just something that sets you apart from the rest. Ensure that you use your image, showing your face as your profile picture since most people connect with such. Make sure you also choose an interesting username, but maintain your official name on the profile.  When you are through with your bio, you can proceed to your main profile.

Post Quality Content

Instagram has grown significantly since its inception about 10 years ago and brands like Nitreo are making it easier to navigate the need to gain a quality audience. The developers have introduced a lot of new and amazing features to help you create the best and the most unique content. You have no excuse then of posting low-quality images. When you take pictures, take advantage of the many filters and editing tools to create attractive content. Try to as authentic as possible though as people will connect with such, but ensure the images and videos you post are of high quality and interesting.

Post Regularly

You will need to try and post as often as you can if you want to build an Instagram audience. Your fans will be checking on your account on a regular basis to see if you have something new. This is how you maintain a loyal following and ensure that you get even more followers. If you stop posting, or if you take too long between posts, your followers will lose interest and stop checking your account. This lowers your engagement rate and blurs your account from users’ feeds.

Identify Your Niche

If you are taking this journey with you as a brand, it is also important that you have a target niche. This will guide you to what you should post, how and when. You need to select one particular niche that you are passionate about, and be consistent with it. Your followers and potential fans will identify you through this niche. Your content can have some twist to make them unique, but the overall theme of your profile should be obvious to your audience. Anyone who happens to visit your profile should be in a position to figure out what your account is all about.

Have a Story to Tell

Even as you are posting, and keeping in line with your theme, try and tell a story to your audience. It makes your profile even more attractive and interesting. Make use of interesting captions, and let your followers see you through this content. Pictures combined with amazing captions bring out a script that can be very captivating and entertaining. Remember, it is entertainment that draws individuals to this platform.

Follow Others

Following like-minded individuals and others is a good way to build an Instagram audience. You will need to keep your account on public status to enable potential followers to view your content. In most cases, those you follow will follow you back and you can start interacting. However, you should avoid being the rogue individual who waits to be followed and then unfollows everyone. Be as friendly as you can to win the hearts of many.

Engage Your Audience

It is better to have a few followers that are highly active than go buying some fake ones. Buying followers is simply a waste of money since most of them are dead accounts. Try and engage with others as much as possible to build an authentic following. Respond to questions directed to you and participate in conversations that arise on your posts and also on other users’ posts. It brings you out as a sociable person that people can relate with.