Now, the three good reasons why you should consider getting your services done before you leave

1. Health Regulations

Every country has different health regulations. Canada has great health and safety regulations for the
beauty business and we are very fortunate that we don’t usually have to worry about any unwanted bacteria or contagious diseases. Therefore it is better to plan ahead and get your bikini body ready before heading on vacation instead of taking a chance on any spas that may not conform to the same health regulations that you are familiar with.
2. Time

You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning your vacation. Why waste more time scheduling orindoors during your vacation? Spend that precious time at the pool/beach or on that special excursioninstead. Go prepared and don’t waste a minute of your vacation time.
3. Cost

Usually salons and spas on cruises or in resorts are very costly; a lot more than the salon that you go to at home. The salons in the resorts get booked up very quickly as well. No need to get there and be disappointed that you can’t get an appointment or it’s 2 days before returning home.

Hopefully you have found these tips helpful! We look forward to welcoming you Melange Salon & Spa to help you prep for your next beach vacation!