The children of today don’t get outside as much as we did when we were kids. Think about when you were growing up. How much time did you spend camped out in front of the TV? Most of us were too busy riding our bikes, fishing in the lake, chasing each other outdoors and exploring the world to sit down in front of the TV for hours on end. And our video gaming systems weren’t as exciting as what we’d find out in the woods behind our home.

Kids today need to build a connection with the outdoors. That’s why camping is such an important thing to do with your children and with the best kids tents you can make the trip more enjoyable. Here are 8 reasons why you need to take your kids on a camping trip.

  1. It builds their sense of adventure

Camping is one of the most adventurous activities out there. It’s wholesome and requires you to use your own sense of creativity and explore things instead of relying on false stimulation from technology. What kids learn from camping is to embrace changes and new things wholeheartedly so when they grow up, they’ll never balk at something different that comes at them from left field.

  1. All those stars

Something city dwellers never really see are the stars in the sky. Sure, you can look up and see some of them, but the city lights really obscure the incredible beauty that comes from looking up at a dark night sky. Your children will be completely dazzled by the experience of seeing all the stars in the sky, and it will teach them the world is so much bigger than they ever thought it was.

  1. It gets them active and teaches them about survival

In the Great Outdoors, camping forces your children to be active. They’ll run around through the woods, splash about in the lake, and find plenty of ways to busy themselves instead of sitting like lumps on a log. Plus, they’ll learn important skills of survival too. Every time you go camping, it will be different. Perhaps the weather will be chilly on one trip while on another, you might encounter driving rain. Showing your children how to work with the hand we’re dealt is a skill they’ll need to rely on when they grow up. Allowing your children to make many of the camping decisions too will help them learn how to handle any setbacks and they will grow up with confidence in their abilities.

  1. There is so much to explore

Without technology to distract us from each other and our surroundings, your children will learn all about how to explore on their own. Take a walk together from your campsite and show them the beauty of the world. You’re bound to find others camping with their children too, which makes for even more fun and adventure. Your children will learn to engage with what’s around them instead of staring vacantly at a screen all day.

  1. It brings them closer to the earth

Something that’s particularly alarming is that most children are unable to name common animals or plants but know all the logos of famous brands. Children that get out in nature more become happier people overall and experience much less stress than those who never get outdoors. See more here.

  1. Because outdoor smores are the best

Sure, you can make them using your microwave or even in the oven, but nothing tastes better than smores made with marshmallows that were roasted over an open flame. Plus, the experience of finding the perfect stick to roast it on is something every kid should have.

  1. It prevents getting trapped in the cycle of indoors and technology

Sure, we need technology to get our jobs done and for many different things. But we don’t need social media all the time. Teaching your children that there’s more to life than creating the perfect Instagram page or sending out witty tweets is essential for them to grow up happy and confident. Think of how many times you look at your Facebook newsfeed and get annoyed by the posts. Does it make you happy? Nope! And it doesn’t make your kids happy either. One day, they’ll be all grown up with kids of their own. Teach them now how to get in touch with nature and live their lives instead of viewing the world from a glass bubble so that future generations can thrive without technological distractions too.

  1. Nothing beats the memories it will create

One day when your children are grown, there will come a time when you cease to exist. It’s not a pleasant thought to have, but you’ll want to be sure the memories you leave behind for your children to treasure involve more than everyone sitting next to each other in the living room ignoring each other for their smartphones or what’s on TV. You want them to be able to look back and laugh about the time you thought there was a bear in the woods but it was only a bunny or how you fired up the best steaks of your life right there over the fire. Leave behind the legacy you wish to be.

So tell the kids today that this weekend, you’re going camping. Pack up the car and make it a great adventure!